World Cup Quarter-finals, When Wesley Sneijder thrashed Brazil in the 2010

World Cup Quarter-finals, The Dutch national team in the 2010 World Cup was very scary. Appearing with its golden squad,

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the Dutch were able to bulldoze their opponents without difficulty even though they ultimately failed to win.

The Netherlands were even able to tear apart five-time World Cup champions Brazil in the Quarter-Finals. In that match, Wesley Sneijder , who appeared on-fire, played satisfactorily.

Sneijder became a Dutch hero with two goals he contributed. Sneijder’s two goals also led the Netherlands to the semifinals after a 2-1 win over Brazil.

Sneijder’s slick appearance was very difficult for Brazil at that time. The movement and creativity of Sneijder tore apart the Brazilian defense so that it resulted in two goals.

The two goals also made Sneijder named the Man of the Match in the match. The goal was also a signal that he was a deadly attacking midfielder that Uruguay had to watch out for in the semifinals.

Sneijder Brings Netherlands Comeback
The Netherlands did go through the Group Stage with relative ease. Sweeping away the victory, the Netherlands was able to beat Denmark, Cameroon and Japan in Group B.

But entering the knock-out round, the Netherlands began to struggle. The peak was against Brazil, they had to fall behind first by Robinho’s goal in the 10th minute.

The Dutch, who were battered in the first half, came out attacking in the second half. As a result, their mainstay attacking midfielder Wesley Sneijder managed to score two goals against Brazil.

Passes That Lead to Goals
Sneijder scored the equalizing goal for the Netherlands in minute 53. At that time, Arjen Robben, who was about to penetrate, pulled the ball back into the middle.

Sneijder who got the ball from Robben intends to give the stomach bait into the goal mouth. There were already three Dutch players waiting for Sneijder’s pass.

Instead of being an assist for his partner, Sneijder’s bait actually became a goal. Julio Cesar, who became Brazil’s goalkeeper, made a mistake in anticipating so that Sneijder’s bait ball went straight into the net.

Tit for tat
Sneijder’s second goal was no less beautiful than his first goal. He scored the goal with a header in the 68th minute.

Starting from a corner kick by Arjen Robben, the ball curled towards the mouth of the Brazilian goal. There Dirk Kuyt managed to welcome the ball with a header.

Instead of heading straight for the goal, Kuyt’s header turned slightly towards Sneijder’s head.

The ball’s turn that tricked the Brazilian defender was successfully headed by Sneijder to bear the second goal for the Netherlands.

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The Beautiful Stories and Controversy of Uruguay at the 2010 World Cup

The Uruguay national team ‘s performance in the 2010 World Cup was very interesting. Uruguay is able to advance to the semifinals. However, they not only recorded achievements but also controversies.

Uruguay could be said to be a star-studded team in the 2010 World Cup. In attack, La Celeste has a ferocious talent in Edinson Cavani, Luis Suarez, and Diego Forlan.

At that time the team also had a coach Oscar Tabarez, who was so adept at concocting tactics and had experience. With Tabarez-style concoction, La Celeste even became the team with the best productivity number three throughout the 2010 World Cup.

In total, the Uruguayan national team managed to score 11 goals in the tournament which was held in South Africa. The sharpness of Luis Suarez et al is only under the German national team (16 goals) and the Dutch national team (12).

No doubt, in the event Uruguay finished in fourth place. They were only under the Spanish national team which at that time came out as champions, then the runner-up of the Dutch national team, and the German national team. Here are some records of the Uruguay national team during their participation in the 2010 World Cup.

Never conceded in the Group Stage

Uruguay recorded such a flashy achievement when competing in the group phase of the 2010 World Cup. Oscar Tabarez’s squad at that time recorded achievements as a country that had never conceded a goal during the group stage.

Reporting from the official FIFA website, before Uruguay there were several other countries that made this achievement. Argentina was the first country not to let their opponents score a goal, in the group stage at the 1998 World Cup. Next up were Switzerland at the 2006 World Cup and Portugal (2010).

Uruguay carved a record of not scoring twice in the group stage at the World Cup. La Celeste were able to keep a clean sheet by not conceding a single goal in three games in the 2010 and 2018 World Cups.

Luis Suarez controversy

Ghana was painfully eliminated from the World Cup due to the controversy of Luis Suarez. They had the upper hand twice to advance to the semifinals and make history as the first African team to reach the last four.

The duel lasted tough until the last minute of extra time. When the score was still as strong as 1-1, an unforgettable moment occurred before the game was over.

Ghana get a golden opportunity to bury Uruguay. At the same time, Suarez suddenly became a goalkeeper, blocking Dominic Adiyiah’s header with his hands.

Ghana’s players protested, and some cheered because referee Olegario Benquerenca issued a red card for Suarez, as well as awarding a penalty.

Unfortunately, Asamoah Gyan, who was the penalty executioner at that time, failed to carry out his duties properly. Gyan’s kick hit the bar at that time.

Forlan Chosen To Be The Best Player

Diego Forlan has scored five goals throughout the tournament or is the top scorer alongside David Villa, Wesley Sneijder and Thomas Muller. His goals are spectacular.

Forlan, who performed well with Uruguay, was entitled to the gift of the golden ball after getting the support of 23.4 percent. The election was originally done by voting by taking votes from the international media crew.

Because of these considerations, and the majority of votes, the Atletico Madrid striker was named the best player and was entitled to the Golden Ball award.

Forlan became the second Uruguayan player to win this award. Previously, Uruguayan football legend Jose Nasazzi had also been named the best in the 1930 World Cup tournament, although this record remains to be verified considering that FIFA has only officially recorded this award since the 1982 World Cup.


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