Winning World Cup, The England National Team Awaits a Tantalizing Bonus if Winning the 2022 World Cup, Each Player Can Pocket IDR 9 Billion


Doha – The England national team will be showered with tantalizing bonuses if they the 2022 Winning World Cup. The England squad will receive 13 million pounds (Rp. 241.4 billion), or each player will pocket 500 thousand pounds (Rp. 9.2 billion).

This bonus amount is double the amount promised for the England national team if they the 2018 Winning World Cup in Russia. At that time, England was promised a bonus of 215 thousand pounds (Rp. 3.9) per player.

Unfortunately, at that time England was only a semifinalist. They lost to Croatia in the last four.

According to the Daily Star, Monday (21/11/2022), manager Gareth Southgate was also promised an abundant bonus. The English coach can earn 3 million pounds if he succeeds in bringing his team to the championship ladder.

After all, the British national team is looking forward to the winning World Cup 2022. Just imagine, as a country that claims to be the inventor of football, they last won the world championship at the 1966 Winning World Cup.

Southgate Can Also Get Additional Bonuses

Gareth Southgate’s squad will also receive a sizable additional commercial bonus. They will be given a commercial bonus of 7 million pounds (Rp. 129.9 billion) if they return from Qatar with the championship trophy.

Other European teams, such as Germany and Belgium, were also reportedly offered almost the same nominal as England. However, Brazil is reportedly the country that was promised the most lucrative bonus because it has a big deal with Nike.

However, it has not been stated in detail how much the nominal bonus will be for Brazil if it wins the 2022 Winning World Cup.

Britain Predicted Can Silence Iran

The England national team will meet the Iranian national team in the opening match of Group B for the 2022 Winning World Cup Monday (21/11/2022) evening. The duel between the two teams will be held at the Khalifa International Stadium, Doha.

The first kick of this match starts at 20.00 WIB, and is broadcast live by SCTV and Vidio. The match is predicted to be exciting and interesting. Considering that the two teams had never met before, both in official matches and trials.

But about the final result, it is believed that the England national team will win in the match later. This prediction was made by PSM Makassar legend, Luciano Leandro. The man from Brazil said, the first three points will belong to The Three Lions.

“My prediction is that England will win 2-1 over Iran. Even with all the favoritism for the English team, I’m not sure this will be an easy match,” said Luciano Leandro to , Monday (21/11/2022) morning.

Running Tight

The former Persipura Jayapura coach said the match would be quite tight. Iran came to Qatar better equipped than Britain. In the last 21 matches Team Melli only suffered two defeats.

In contrast, England was unable to win even from the seven matches they played. Including in the 2022/2023 UEFA Nations League. This poor result resulted in the England national team being relegated to League B in the UEFA Nations League next season.

The Iranian national team ensured they qualified for the 2022 Winning World Cup convincingly. They are the winners of Group A qualifying for the 2022 Winning World Cup in the Asian zone.

According to Luciano Leandro, Iran is a team that knows how to defend itself and has very fast offensive transitions.

“England believes in ball possession, in recovery after straight defeats. But I still believe in a good game and victory for England, of course,” said the former player who presented the 2001 Indonesian League trophy.

Let’s take a peek at the competition in Group B

Winning World Cup Standings – Group B

2United States of America0000000

Gareth Bale’s determination to take Wales far in the 2022 Winning World Cup, skip the United States first

The Wales national team will challenge the United States in matchday 1 Group B of the 2022 Winning World Cup at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Tuesday (22/11/2022) early morning WIB.

The party will be very crucial for Wales and one of its stars, Gareth Bale . Because Wales last appeared in the Winning World Cup in the 1958 edition.

Now, the Dragon is joined in Group B with England, United States, and Iran. Gareth Bale will be in the spotlight as Wales’ foundation while in Qatar this time.

An honor

On the other hand, Bale can’t wait to lead Wales to face the United States. American football is very familiar to him, because he is listed as a player for Los Angeles FC.

“This is the biggest honor we can have for our country, qualifying for the Winning World Cup, something we haven’t done in 64 years,” said Gareth Bale as quoted by BBC Sport.

Will Be Tight

Later the US counter Wales at Al Rayyan is predicted to be tight. Because, on paper, the two teams have a squad with fairly balanced quality.

However, it should be noted that in the last two meetings against the United States, Wales has never won with one loss and one draw.

Need Hard Work

The Wales national team is slowly becoming a force in world football. Their last pretty good achievement was reaching the semifinals of the 2016 European Cup.

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He wants Wales to go far in the World Cup this time. It’s just that all of that requires hard work and effort that is not easy.

“You see England and the US as the favorites then us and Iran. We are new to the tournament but there will be surprises along the way. There is no pressure, our focus is on enjoying it and securing maximum results in every game,” he said.

2022 Winning World Cup Group B competition

Criticized for Appearing Ugly in Defense, Trent Alexander-Arnold: I’m Aware of That

England national team defender Trent Alexander-Arnold is often the target of criticism due to his poor defensive abilities. Alexander-Arnold also acknowledged this and tried to fix it.

The Liverpool defender is having a windfall ahead of the 2022 winning World Cup. His toughest competitor at right-back, Reece James, was not included in the England national team player list due to injury.

On the other hand, Kyle Walker, who is usually played, is now in an unfit condition. Practically the battle for the right-back position in the England National Team is only Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kieran Trippier.

If the coach of the Three Lions Team, Gareth Southgate, puts Trippier on the left, Alexander-Arnold will occupy his natural position as right-back when he meets Iran in the inaugural Group B match at the Khalifa International Stadium, Monday (21/11/2022) evening WIB.

That possibility is what makes the British public now wary. The label of the best right-back in the world is slowly fading, because Trent Alexander-Arnold ‘s must-have attacking ability is not matched by qualified defensive skills.


The public’s doubts made Trent Alexander-Arnold self-conscious. The 24-year-old player really understands that there are aspects of his game, especially in defense that must be improved.

“I admit there’s been a lot of spotlight on me. People keep focusing on aspects of my game defensively,” he told Italian Football TV.

“I’m aware of that. I tell myself that there are parts of my game that need improvement,” he added.

Already Doing Right

However, Trent Alexander-Arnold disagrees with the notion that he has never done anything right. In a few moments, the player was sure he had done the right thing.

“There are decisions that I feel should have been made better,” he said.

“But at the same time, there were moments where I defended really well,” he continued.

Must be Objective

Trent Alexander-Arnold hopes that his assessment must be objective. Existing criticism should not be trapped in the process of blaming himself alone.

“I feel like a lot of people like to scream about the mistakes I made, rather than about the things I did really well,” he said.

England National Team Match Schedule:

21 November 2022

England vs Iran

  • Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • Kick-ofF: 20.00 WIB

26 November 2022

England vs United States

  • Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor
  • Kick-off: 02.00 WIB

30 November 2022

Wales vs England

  • Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • Kick-off: 02.00 WIB

Source : IFTV

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