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1. US National Team Legend Tells How Thrilling


US National Team Legend Tells How Thrilling It Was To Be Penalty Executor At The World Cup

US National Team Legend Tells How Thrilling, The World Cup is the biggest event for football. Being able to perform in this four-year event alone is very proud for a player. Especially if you can score goals and are trusted to be the penalty taker.

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About this penalty opportunity, the legend of the United States national team, Landon Donovan spoke up. Landon Donovan is the top scorer of the US national team with a record of 57 goals and 157 games.

Landon Donovan also said taking a penalty in football’s biggest tournament like the World Cup is a stressful experience.

“You are very aware that this is a big moment not only for you and your team, but also for your country,” Donovan told Football Now .

Great Relief

Landon Donovan once scored a penalty goal in the US national team match against Ghana in the last 16 of the 2010 World Cup .

He said it was a great relief to score a penalty goal at the World Cup.

“The relief after you score at the World Cup, especially the penalty, is huge,” said Landon Donovan.

“In the World Cup, there is a lot more at stake,” he added.

Difference with Club Level Penalty

Landon Donovan also shared the difference between being a penalty taker at club and country level at the World Cup.

“When you take a penalty at club level, if you miss you maybe in the next two weeks you will get a penalty,” Donovan revealed.

“In the World Cup, no second penalty comes. You know this is your only chance.”

Rankings of Stadiums in the 2022 World Cup Stage: Which do you think is the best?

O Indonesian public, get ready to welcome the 2022 World Cup. Starting from November 21, all eyes will be on Qatar. The tiny and rich country located on a small peninsula in the Arabian Peninsula, West Asia, was trusted by FIFA as the host.

Gaining trust, Qatar immediately cleaned up. Including the matter of the stadium which will be the venue for 32 teams’ matches divided into eight groups. As in previous editions, the stadium is indeed the main focus.

Not infrequently, the stadium that is used is then viral because it is full of history. Two of these are the Maracana Stadium in Brazil and the Stadium at Wembley in England.

Public Magnet

In Qatar later, there are at least eight stadiums that have been prepared. Before we discuss one by one, you need to know that this World Cup is the most compact in terms of geography.

You see, the two furthest places are only about 34 miles apart. That’s roughly the distance between Washington DC and Baltimore, or like the entirety of the World Cup staged between Liverpool and Manchester.

The following eight stadiums will be used at the 2022 World Cup Qatar, reported by worldsoccertalk :

Khalifa International Stadium

Located in the Doha Sports Center sports complex and with a capacity of 45 thousand spectators, this stadium was built in 1976. Then renovated in 2017. Not only football, other sports have also been held here such as the Asian Games, Gulf Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and World Athletics Championships.

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The roof design and supports with spiral ramps are reminiscent of the Etihad Stadium, the home of Manchester City. The stadium will host third-place matches, six group stage matches and one last-16 tie.

Al Bayt Stadium

Only about 13 miles or so from the outskirts of Doha, Al Bayt Stadium was designed with inspiration from the tents of the region’s nomadic communities. Has a roof that can be opened to provide shade for spectators and players on the field in the heat of the desert.

Beyond the simple aesthetic, the exterior and roof are really tent-like, made of woven fiberglass membrane. The appearance and the box-shaped roof. It looks a little similar to the old air-supported domes that once graced the 1994 United States World Cup, to be precise at the Pontiac Silverdome.

This stadium is home to local club, Al Khor FC. Here, the opening six matches will take place, including the opening matches of Qatar vs Ecuador and England vs USA, as well as three knockout matches including the semifinals.

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Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

The Ahmad bin Ali Stadium replaces the older stadium, which was built in 2003 and demolished in 2015. Its exterior design resembles that of Beijing, China’s “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium with a grid of woven metal surrounding the stadium.

At the back there is a display of light that impresses like a sunset. At home to Al-Rayyan SC, six group matches will be played as well as one in the round of 16.

Al Janoub Stadium

The design is slimmest than others. Al Janoub Stadium in Al Wakrah takes inspiration from the traditional dhow boats used by pearl divers in the region.

The venue has a retractable roof and will use a cooling system aimed at taming the desert heat. The chair has a wave design. Six group matches and one round of 16 match will take place at this stadium.

Stadium 974

Stadium 974 is probably the most talked about to date. The name comes from the 974 shipping containers used in its construction.

Not only that, this number is also in line with the international dialing code for Qatar. Although the outward appearance looks striking, the interior has a pop-up appearance. Stadium 974 will host six group matches and one round of 16 match.

Education City Stadium

Education City Stadium opened in early 2020 and is the venue for the 2020 FIFA Club World Cup, 2020 AFC Champions League and 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

The exterior is reminiscent of the Alianz Arena, Bayern Munich, Germany, with a monolithic white look. It was as if a giant futuristic egg was about to hatch. The interior features a white and green seating pattern.

The overall look inside definitely reminds you of one of the modern European club venues. Six group matches, one last 16 and quarter-final match will take place here.

Lusail Iconic Stadium

Lusail Stadium will host ten matches, including the Final. With a capacity of 80,000 seats, it is the largest stadium in all of Qatar. Overall, reminiscent of the 2010 Cape Town Stadium in South Africa.

The exterior is covered in a golden triangular pattern and it continues on the inner seats. The other stadiums are of course modern venues, but this one definitely has a grandiose feel fit to host the biggest football match in the world.

After the tournament, capacity will be reduced to 40,000 seats with parts of the building converted into shops, cafes and other facilities.

Al-Thuma Stadium

The overall design is inspired by the traditional taqiyah hat worn by many men and boys throughout the Middle East. The intricately woven white exterior is beautiful in daylight.

However, it is absolutely stunning when lit up at night. The stadium will host eight matches, including the last 16 and quarter-final matches.


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