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Top 10 City Bicycle Friendly 2022 & Become Bicycle Friendly


How to create a bicycle friendly workplace. there are many thing you can do to create bicycle friendly at workplace or anywhere. Here are many ways to actively encourage cycling to commute to your workplace:

Appoint Bike Coordinator

A fitness/wellness coordinator, transportation coordinator. Or an enthusiastic employee currently cycling to work are the most practical people to organize a cycling trip program at your workplace.

With the help of the Washington Area Cycling Association. The coordinator can assess the facility and determine a safe route to your workplace.

These employees can spare a few minutes a week to help develop a cycling routine to work.

Provide Bicycle Parking

Employees need to know that their bicycles are safe at work this also tips to bicycle friendly. Good bicycle parking is located in a well-lit and easily accessible area and is marked with stylish signage.

As close as possible to the building entrance and shower facilities. Ideally, in an enclosed space or where there are people or security guards.

Your bicycle parking space is not affected by the weather. If bike racks or lockers aren’t available, consider allowing employees to leave bikes in the office or in a locked storage room.

Your employee survey will help you determine the ideal space for their bike and purpose to create bicycle friendly.

Note: In some cities, there are rules about how many bicycle parking spaces an employer must provide. For example, in the District of Columbia, 5% of off-street office and commercial parking spaces must be reserved for bicycles.

Provide bathrooms and changing rooms

some employees will not cycle to work without the comfort of a shower upon arrival. The facility will also promote beneficial lunch fitness activities for employees and employers alike.

For a building with 50-100 employees, one shower is enough. In a building with 101-250 employees. One bathroom per gender is a good rule of thumb. Ideally, Every long term bike commuter should have a safe locker in the gym to store work clothes.

If you renew your lease, ask the rental company to install bike amenities, including a new Capital Bikeshare station.

You can then market this facility to potential tenants and save on parking. If you are unable to provide changing and bathing facilities for your employees. Consider making arrangements with the nearest fitness center at a company discount.

Parking Fees

Employees who cycle, walk, or transit often have unused parking spaces. If you make free space to inspire bicycle friendly without parking fee.

Federal tax laws allow employers to pay employees for space and avoid paying taxes on those benefits.

For example, employees may retain company-provided parking spaces, receive tax-free transportation benefits, or receive an additional $100 per month as taxable income.

For more information, see the website of the US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

List of Things You Can Do to Create a Bicycle Friendly Atmosphere

  1. A more relaxed dress code is allowed on certain riding days.
  2. Meet cyclists at company-wide events for main mission is create bicycle friendly.
  3. Offer a flexible schedule so cyclists can adjust their working hours to avoid traffic and darkness during peak hours, or take the subway during off-peak hours.
  4. Corporate bike kit or use Capital Bikeshare’s fleet of bikes for business trips, errands and short vacations.
  5. Give the cyclist time to shower or dress up.
  6. Tell employees about Commuter Connections’ free guaranteed return program. It provides a free emergency ride home for commuters traveling by bicycle or other alternative transportation.
  7. Start a corporate cycling club.

List of the World’s Best Bicycle Friendly Cities

Trends bicycle come and go, and minimalist designs stand the rest of time. Today, this is most evident in urban traffic.

With everything from self-driving cars to dockless pogo sticks vying to be the next big thing, bicycles continue to shine as the most efficient, practical, and reliable urban mobility solution.

Many cities are taking notice, building infrastructure, and expanding facilities to include cycling as a daily mode of transportation while improving the quality of life in the city. Some are more than others.

To track bicycle-friendly efforts and initiatives in cities around the world. We offer the Copenhagen Index. A comprehensive ranking of the world’s most bicycle-friendly cities.

The fifth edition of the index, published every two years since 2011. It has assessed and ranked 115 cities from around the world based on 14 parameters, with a focus on ambition, culture, and street design.

Top 10 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities in the World 2022, Ranked

The top three-horse race is as close as ever, and Copenhagen retains the top spot. A bold move recently saw Amsterdam oust Utrecht from second place.

These three remain the models for all of the friendlies below. It’s no longer just Danish and Dutch cities taking bicycles seriously.

The second option is to narrow the distance between Antwerp, Strasbourg, and Bordeaux. Behind them, Oslo’s ranking has soared over the past four years.

And new additions to the index like Bogota, Bremen, Taipei, and Vancouver are showing other cities how to make the city center more bicycle friendly.

Beyond the top 10, there are a number of cities that are on the verge of breakthroughs, each requiring continued investment and implementation of cycling innovations to achieve higher rankings in 2021.

However, let us check out the 10 best cities in the world for rank bicycle friendly.

Copenhagen – Denmark


Fact: The numbers make it easy: 62% of trips to work or school are by bike. Copenhageners cycle 894,000 miles a day. Over $45 per capita investment in bicycle infrastructure.

Four bicycle bridges built or under construction. 160km of new regional bike paths.

Political parties running on car-friendly platforms have no chance, as we saw in the 2018 local elections. Now we just need someone to remind the mayor.

Restoration: A series of massive policy decisions cast doubt on the future of cycling’s reputation in Copenhagen.

Municipal spending restrictions imposed by national governments have and will continue to have an impact on infrastructure development.

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At the same time, sustainable mobility has lacked strong political leadership since the last election, making investment in cycling a secondary priority.

Its priority is even lower than the parking lot. If the city is to be a global inspiration for years to come, it will have to find a way out of this mess.

Amsterdam – Netherlands Cities

It’s 2019 and Amsterdam is back. The Dutch capital, which slipped to third place last time, shows us how a city can identify when things slip and bounce back.

Since the last index release, the city has released an ambitious new plan for 2022 that focuses on improving bike parking and existing bike infrastructure.

Amsterdam, which adds 11,000 residents each year, is creating a new “King’s Route” to accommodate more bikes. To reduce rush hour stress, they are widening existing bike lanes to over 8 feet.

Building more slow bike lanes, and redesigning major intersections to create more sheltered bike spaces.


The City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Minneapolis, Minnesota is a diverse bicycle network connecting all boroughs. The city has 193 kilometers (120 miles) of street bike lanes and 145 kilometers (90 miles) of off-street lanes.

Minneapolis expanding network of bike lanes and well-utilized bike-share programs make it the only U.S. city to rank among the top 10 cities for cyclists in the world.


Basel – Switzerland

Designated lanes, independent bike lanes. Traffic lights and bike maps make Basel a very bicycle friendly city.

The best place in town to start your adventure is the Rent-A-Bike. Underground bike park in the heart of the city. There are special cycle paths that connect to the rest of Switzerland. These bike paths are signposted at some intersections.

During your visit, make the most of your stay at one of Basel 11 best hotels.


Berlin – Germany

Berlin has wide streets, bikes in the parks and a good cycling culture. With a highly developed cycling infrastructure, with an estimated 710 bikes per 1,000 people.

15% of traffic in the German capital comes from bicycles, and the city has 1,030 kilometers (640 miles) of bike lanes and an online bike route planner.

There are also many bicycle friendly hotels in Berlin. Offering facilities such as secure bike storage, rooms to dry clothes and gear, and basic repair and maintenance tools.


Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona has fully integrated cycle paths as bicycle friendly. Where you can cycle through the city’s open spaces and parks.

Barcelona’s bicycle friendly scheme is one of many large-scale bike-sharing schemes to emerge in Europe and beyond recently. Launched in the Catalan capital in 2007.

The annual Bike Week takes place in late May to spread the word.


Perth – Australia

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and has over 700 kilometers (435 miles) of hiking trails. These include bike lanes and bike lanes.

In fact, the Perth Cycling Network is touted as “one of the most extensive and complex cycling networks in the world”.

This makes Perth one of the bicycle friendly cities for 2022.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The privilege of hosting the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics brings international focus to a country and its cities.

As the host city for both events. Rio de Janeiro has redesigned the landscape to prepare for the influx of tourists visiting the city. This city have choosen into Top 10 City bicycle friendly in 2022.

However, Rio’s ties to cycling can be traced back to the 1992 Rio Climate Summit. Which created cycling paths along the famous Copacabana Beach. This development proved successful and the city now has a modest but growing network.

The city has found success with a new bike-sharing program, and while Rio still lacks a true elite bicycle friendly city. Rio appears to be making the right move to modernize bikes in Brazil.

source: – bicycle friendly city Rio De Janeiro

Tokyo – Japan

Fact: Tokyo has been a bike city for years, not because of infrastructure or official planning narratives, but because of its people.

In the world’s largest metropolis, millions of people ride their Mamachari utility bikes to transport goods, children, and themselves to shops, schools, or train stations.

Tokyo is still part of the world’s top bicycle friendly cities this time around but has dropped some points. While other cities push innovation harder and at a greater pace.


Restoration: Tokyo’s political establishment needs to recognize the value of planning cycling. As a mode of transportation and build a much-needed protected network. This is a city with high demand and insufficient supply.


Montreal, Canada – by Jacob-uptown:Flickr

Fact: As the only North American city to be included every year since 2011. French Canada’s economic and cultural hub has teetered on the fringes of the top 10 for years due to a lack of innovation.

Montreal went through political upheaval in 2017 when Mayor Valérie Plante won a resounding election. With a positive message on new investments in cycling infrastructure and public transport.

The new government has unveiled the most daring cycling project ever in Montreal. In addition to the approximately 50 miles of protected facilities today. Réseau Express Vélo will lay a network of 114 miles of protected one-way bike lanes across the island.

Restoration: Most of Montreal’s current facilities follow design standards that haven’t changed since the 1980s.

The rest of the network is also noticeably lacking. With poorly painted bike lanes faded, key corridors with sheltered facilities for passing cyclists. And the ongoing saga of Montreal’s dire road conditions. How the new government delivers on its grand vision in the years ahead will be the real test.


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