Switzerland Focuses on Defeating The Portugal National Team First, Then Think About Historical Records In The World Cup 2022


Lusail – The Swiss national team is on the Portugal National Team verge of breaking a new record at the 2022 World Cup if they are able to beat the Portugal national team in the top 16 match, Thursday (7/12/2022). But the Swiss coach, Murat Yakin, emphasized that his team was only focused on beating Portugal.

The Portugal National Team, nicknamed the Rossocrociati, will face the Portugal national team at the Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail. If they are able to beat Cristiano Ronaldo et al, Switzerland will be the Portugal National Team first time in 68 years to qualify for the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

“We are aware that we will enter the Portugal National Team match with a well-prepared and mature team. Being able to write history will not be decisive for us,” said Murat Yakin as quoted by France 24 .

For the two teams, the Portugal National Team match will be the 27th meeting in history. Switzerland is narrowly superior with 11 wins, the Portugal national team won nine wins, and six matches ended in a draw.

It will be difficult Portugal National Team

Coach Murat Yakin emphasized that it is predicted that the match against the Portugal National Team will not be easy. That’s what made him ask the players to focus on the match, not the ambition to make new history in the World Cup.

“We know our opponents and have shown we can beat them. Then maybe we can discuss history,” said Murat Yakin.

“You can’t focus on what’s happening in sport. Nobody cares what’s happening anymore. Of course, expectations are growing, but we are fighting with the Portugal National Team players and the opportunities that I have,” said Murat Yakin.

Ready For Combat

Murat Sure guarantees the Swiss players are in combat-ready condition against the Portugal National Team. According to him, the Portugal National Team vs Swiss players are complete and no one is absent for the match later.

“We are ready. We have a complete squad and the Portugal National Team players who were absent have returned,” said Murat Yakin.

“We are looking forward to this match because it is a great opportunity to write history. We are aware of the Portugal National Team euphoria in Switzerland and want to give everything to the game,” said Murat Yakin.

Switzerland’s Journey At The 2022 World Cup

24/11/2022 – Swiss 1-0 Cameroon
28/11/2022 – Brazil 1-0 Switzerland
3/12/2022 – Serbia 2-3 Swiss
7/12/2022 – Portugal Vs Swiss

Portugal National Team Next World Cup 2022 Qatar Heaven for VIP Soccer Fans: A Day to Watch All Matches

Direct Report of Ade Yusuf Satria and Hendry Wibowo from Qatar

Qatar 2022 World Cup is not only the first event in winter, but also the world cup with the closest stadium to stadium distance in history.

Understandably Qatar is small. Eight stadiums have been recorded as hosting the 2022 World Cup . Out of a total of eight stadiums, only the Khalifa International Stadium has the status of a new stadium.

The rest are new stadiums. What’s great about the 2022 World Cup, some stadiums are so close.

The farthest distance is only Al Bayt Stadium which is the Portugal National Team place for the opening ceremony. From Doha, you have to travel about 25km to Al Bayt.

Many stadiums can even be reached on foot after taking the Doha Metro. Some of them are Education City, Khalifa, Ahmad Bin Ali or 974.

Can Watch All Matches

If you have VIP spectator status, aka money that can rent a car or be driven anywhere, in one day, you can watch all the matches of the 2022 World Cup.

While still in the group phase, the first match started at 13.00 local time and in one day, you can watch four matches at once!

Of course, you have to rent a car. If you use public transportation such as the Doha Metro or Bus, it is impossible to watch four games at once in a day.

Unique View of FIFA President

An interesting sight was seen when FIFA President Gianni Infantino watched directly at the stadium during the third or final matchday of the group phase.

All matches in one group on the third matchday were held simultaneously. In the final match of Group G, Gianni Infantino witnessed the first half of the match between Serbia and Switzerland at Stadium 974.

Then in the second half, it was his turn to watch Brazil’s match against Cameroon at the Lusail Stadium! Yes, as discussed earlier, the distance between Stadium 974 and Lusain is indeed very close.

Cannot Happen in Other Countries

You certainly cannot experience the 2022 World Cup in Qatar at any other World Cup.

Let’s take the example of the 2023 U-20 World Cup which will be held in Indonesia. If you have just watched a match at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, it is almost impossible for you to arrive at the Captain I Wayan Dipta Stadium, Bali in a blink of an eye.

Need a plane flight if you want to quickly move from Jakarta to Bali. Now in Qatar, you only need a lot of capital to rent a car if you move from one stadium to another. Kudos to Qatar.

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Cameron Devlin’s Seconds Get Lionel Messi’s Special Jersey, The Australian Player Who Didn’t Play At The 2022 World Cup

Australian midfielder Cameron Devlin did not play a minute at the 2022 World Cup. However, he left Qatar with the biggest prize, namely getting a special Lionel Messi jersey .

Cameron Devlin plays for Heart of Midlothian, a top Scottish club. Joining the Australian squad during the 2022 World Cup is certainly a blessing for him even though in the end he never took to the field.

Yes, Devlin did not play a single minute at the 2022 World Cup. Australia’s 1-2 defeat to Argentina buried hopes of appearing on the stage for the fourth year.

However, there is one big gift that Cameron Devlin got. He can have a special Lionel Messi jersey . What’s the story?

Meet Inside

Cameron Devlin tells how he asked for a Lionel Messi jersey . Understandably, the match against Australia was Messi’s 1000th match, and the PSG superstar also scored a goal.

“I went onto the pitch and cheered everyone on first and then shook Messi’s hand,” Devlin told reporters at Sydney airport after arriving back from Qatar.

“Nobody said anything so I just tried my luck and he said, ‘See you inside,’ and that’s what happened.”

Messi Also Requests Devlin Jersey

On the other hand, Messi also asked for Devlin’s jersey back. Regarding this, Devlin admitted that he didn’t care if Messi didn’t keep his jersey.

“I don’t know if (mine) will be on his wall at home or maybe still on the ground in the locker room but I’m not fussing – more than that I got it. I’m surprised he even took mine.”

“He certainly wouldn’t know who I was, but he’s a good enough man and a humble enough man to still show that respect.”

Treated at Home

Devlin said he would keep Messi’s jersey at home and his father would take care of it.

“At first I let other players meet Messi, who knows they want too. But apparently no one asked, so I just tried it, it turned out to be given.”

Sumber: The Independent

Rows of Disasters for the England National Team in the World Cup Knockout Phase (Part I): The 2022 Edition Is Over, Are You a Champion?

Moving forward fearlessly, England is ready to win the 2022 World Cup . After being undefeated in three matches in the group phase, the Three Lions recently appeared wild in the round of 16.

Compete against Senegal at Al Bayt Stadium, Sunday (4/12/2022), Three Lions won a landslide victory 3-0 thanks to the stunning actions of Jordan Henderson, Hary Kane and Bukayo Saka

The victory brought Gareth Southgate’s fleet to the quarter-finals. Now, Kane cs are determined to destroy France, the opponent they will face on Saturday (10/12).

Failure in the knockout stages in previous editions has made England more extra vigilant now.

Looking back, here are four failures to beat The Three Lions in the knockout stages of the World Cup

England 1-4 Germany (World Cup 2010)

Finishing in second place in Group C, England, who at that time was coached by Fabio Capello, accompanied the United States to advance to the round of 16. In this phase, Steven Gerrard and colleagues met their classic enemy, Germany.

Before the duel, as usual, Capello warned his team to appear extra vigilant. Receiving the coach’s advice, the confident British children were ready to crush Germany.

However, unexpectedly, England actually fell 1-4. This is one of England’s biggest embarrassment on the World Cup stage .

England 0-0 Portugal (World Cup 2006)

Thousands of loyal England supporters stormed the Gelsenkirchen Stadium, Germany. Soon, their favorite team will fight against Portugal in the quarter-finals.

Fans are absolutely certain that Steven Gerrard et al will emerge victorious. But, in fact, Sven-Göran Eriksson’s team instead collapsed 1-3 via penalties after only being able to draw 0-0 until extra time.

England 1-2 Brazil (World Cup 2002)

If only David Seaman was right in his position, this defeat certainly would not have happened. But what can I say, England finally had to lift the suitcase after losing 1-2 to Brazil in the quarter-finals.

England had a 1-0 lead thanks to Michael Owen’s goal in the 23rd minute. Brazil then equalized just before halftime via Rivaldo.

Then came the disaster. Ronaldinho, who advanced as the executor of the free kick from outside the penalty box, managed to outwit Seaman with a chip kick.

The ball flew curved and landed smoothly into Seaman’s goal. Seaman actually could catch or brush off the round skin, if only the Arsenal keeper was not standing too far from his goal.


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