Manchester United Officially Releases Paul Pogba For Free Manchester United

Manchester United Officially Releases Paul Pogba For Free

Manchester United Officially Releases Paul Pogba For Free

Manchester United Officially Releases Paul Pogba For Free

Premier League giants Manchester United on Wednesday (1/6/2022) evening WIB finally announced that they had officially released midfielder Paul Pogba on a free transfer.

The rumors that had been circulating for a long time about Manchester United had no intention of extending Pogba’s contract, which expired on June 30, 2022, have now finally been proven true.

“Once Red, always Red. Thank you for your service, Paul Pogba,” Manchester United wrote in a post on their official social media account.

Paul Pogba at Manchester United

Pogba is a graduate of the Manchester United academy. However, before becoming a permanent part of the Red Devils main squad, Pogba was released to Juventus in 2012.

After four seasons with Juventus, Pogba finally returned to Manchester United in 2016 for a transfer fee of 105 million euros, which became the world’s most expensive transfer record.

In his second period in Manchester United’s uniform, Pogba recorded 226 appearances, scoring 39 goals. He also won a League Cup and Europa League trophies each.

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Paul Pogba’s Future

Several top European clubs are reportedly interested in signing Pogba. Apart from Juventus, which is his former club, Pogba has also been heavily linked with PSG and Real Madrid.

Pogba was also claimed to have entered into an agreement with Manchester City, which is United’s city rivals. However, the deal was eventually canceled out of fear of the fans’ anger.

Recently, Juventus became the most favorite club to get Pogba’s signature back.

Moving to Barcelona is a setback News

Bayern Munich legend: Moving to Barcelona is a setback,…

Bayern Munich legend: Moving to Barcelona is a setback, Lewandowski!

Moving to Barcelona is a setback

Bayern Munich legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has asked Robert Lewandowski to cancel his move to Barcelona. He considered the striker wasting his career if he moved to Barcelona.

Almost a decade, Lewandowski is an icon for Bayern Munich. He led Die Roten’s attack line well and successfully led FC Hollywood to win various trophies.

But the togetherness of the two parties threatened to end this summer. Lewandowski has confirmed that he will not renew his contract so he has the potential to leave this summer.

Rummenigge thinks Lewandowski will only destroy his career if he moves to Barcelona. “I can’t understand why he [Lewandowski] would want to move to Barcelona,” Rummenigge told Bild.

Read the legend’s full commentary below.


According to Rummenigge, moving to Barcelona is a big loss for Lewandowski. Because Barcelona is considered worse than Bayern.

So he considered the striker better to cancel his intention to defend Barcelona next season.

“With Barcelona’s current squad, can he [Lewandowski] win more trophies than Barcelona? Can Barcelona offer him something better? I don’t think so,”

Better Survive

Rummenigge hopes Lewandowski will change his mind. He wants the striker to stay at Bayern and if possible extend the contract there.

“Robert is irreplaceable at FC Bayern, and he is still needed by this team even though he is 34 years old. No striker can guarantee goals as much as him, and Robert is a top class player,”

“We all have to pray that Robert stays, because he is what makes the Bundesliga interesting. You have to do whatever it takes to keep him,” he said.

Tough Negotiations

According to information currently circulating, the process of Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona is still quite tough.

Barcelona are reportedly still struggling to meet the demands of the price set by Bayern Munich for the striker.

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable Basket Ball

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable


Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia has been too devastated on the transfer portal in Neal Brown’s three seasons with the Mountaineers.

Over the past three seasons, West Virginia has lost 42 players to the transfer portal and gained 10 players. Whichever way you look at it, it’s shocking.

While an argument can be made that some of these players weren’t starters who didn’t do big at their new school, it’s important to remember that depth is very important to a soccer program.

In addition, the Mountaineers have now lost 8 starters – Winston Wright, Jarret Doege, Jackie Matthews, Sean Ryan, Isaiah Esdale, Daryl Porter, Josh Chandler-Semedo and Nicktroy Fortune – since last season.

However, the quality of the players should not be questioned anymore. These are players who were recruited to attend West Virginia University and play for the Mountaineers, but in the end it’s the quantity, not the quality of the players that matters.

While red-shirt senior offensive midfielder James Gmiter explained that “We’re going to win with the people who want to be here” laudable and inspiring, replacing eight starters and a few key reserves would be too challenging (impossible?) for West Virginia.

Director of Athletics Shane Lyons and Head Coach Neal Brown just raised their hands and explained that “it happens everywhere” is dishonest and unfair. While the transfer portal has changed every team in the country, it hasn’t had the tremendous negative impact it has had on West Virginia, and it’s important that both Brown and Lyons acknowledge that there is a problem and discuss why it happened.

What is NIL? Is that Morgantown? Is that the culture of the football program? Is it the weather? What’s that?

Silence and lack of answers are commensurate with refusal, and denying that there is a problem is unacceptable. West Virginia presided over the Big 12 Conference and was one of the nation’s leaders in transfers, and this happened during times of “stability,” not during coaching changes or transitions.

Neal Brown has had three full seasons, which is an eternity in collegiate athletics, and there has been no improvement on or off the field. The reasons for Brown’s failure are old and exhausting. We deserve honest and real answers to the tough questions every West Virginia fan has for Neal Brown and Shane Lyons.