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Remembering the figure of Philipp Lahm, the captain of…

Remembering the figure of Philipp Lahm, the captain of the German national team when they won the 2014 World Cup

Joachim Loew and Philipp Lahm
Joachim Loew and Philipp Lahm

German team finally ended their fast of winning the World Cup. Der Panzer came out as champions after a narrow 1-0 win over Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final at the Maracana Stadium.

Substitute Mario Gotze became the hero of the German national team. Gotze scored the only goal in extra time after a pass from striker Andre Schurrle .

Germany also made history as the first European team to win the World Cup when the four-year tournament was held on the South American continent. Der Panzer was unbeaten during the 2014 World Cup.

There is one player whose role is so vital, but not so heralded by the media, namely the then German captain Phillipp Lahm. Starting the tournament as a midfielder, Lahm’s ability to organize games made him a wing-back several times in important matches at the 2014 World Cup, including the final against Argentina.

He put in a stunning performance by keeping the Argentine wingers in motion and was able to make precise passes that took his team out as champions thanks to Mario Gotze’s lone goal in extra time.

Retiring from the International World when Winning the World Cup

Philipp Lahm and Per Mertesacker
Philipp Lahm and Per Mertesacker

Philipp Lahm made perhaps the best decision of his life. He left international football while he was captain of the German national team, which he led to the 2014 World Cup triumph.

Surprisingly, at that time Lahm was only 30 years old. In modern football, players at almost 40 years old like Zlatan Ibrahimovic can still run and kick the ball on the pitch. But Lahm’s decision was unanimous.

“This is a decision I’ve been thinking about since last season,” he said.

Throughout his career, the 38-year-old former Bayern Munich player has represented Germany 113 times. He closed it with the title, which he had been chasing for 24 years since Der Panzer last won the 1990 World Cup in Italy, also beating Argentina in the final.

Lahm Genius Footballer

Philipp Lahm
Philipp Lahm

When compared to other German players, Lahm’s posture is fairly small (170cm). However, his physical flaws are covered by the genius brain he possesses.

One of the compliments came from Guardiola. Despite having handled a series of star players at Barcelona, ​​the Spanish coach named Lahm as the most genius player he had ever seen.

“Philipp Lahm is probably the most intelligent player I have ever worked with in my coaching career. Lahm is on another level,” Guardiola said.

Lahm was also gifted with the ability to read games. He has the instinct to understand exactly what will happen in the next three, five or 10 seconds.

The player, who has collected 113 caps and scored 5 goals for Germany, is good at regulating the tempo of the game and can read the pattern of the opponent’s game. Another gift that Lahm has.

Der Panzer Unique Player

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While active as a player, Lahm was indeed known as a versatile player. He then became the only member of Der Panzer to appear in three different positions in three editions of the World Cup.

At the 2006 World Cup which was held in Germany, Lahm was trusted as a left back by coach Juergen Klinsmann. Four years later, he was returned to his natural position, right back by Joachim Loew.

While at the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Lahm switched roles as a midfielder under Loew’s control. With this position, Lahm actually succeeded in leading Germany to the highest trophy of the world football party after silencing Argentina 1-0 in the top match.

Loew dared to assign Lahm as a midfielder because the previous season looked stunning in the same position with Bayern Munich.

List of Teams Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and Final Round Draw Schedule Euro

List of Teams Qualify for the 2022 World Cup…

List of Teams Qualify for the 2022 World Cup and Final Round Draw Schedule

List of Teams Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and Final Round Draw Schedule

The series of teams qualify matches for the 2022 World Cup this week have ended. The next schedule will take place next week, on March 29, 2022. There are only a few months left before Football’s biggest match event is the FIFA World Cup. In 2022 the Qatar Edition of the World Cup will be the first tournament to be hosted in the Middle East. And also the first time held at the end of the calendar year in November and December.

What is the total number of teams participating in World Cup Finals 2022?

The World Cup 2022 event in Qatar will feature 32 teams. This number will change when the pitch is expanded to 48 teams which will be held for the upcoming 2026 World Cup. FIFA World Cup Men’s football has featured 32 teams in the last six editions since the 1998 World Cup in France.

As the host country for this grand event, Qatar has received a special ticket in this tournament. Furthermore, there will be 31 other countries that will compete for tickets to the world’s biggest soccer final through regional qualifiers. Previously it had been determined in advance how many countries would qualify from each region consisting of:

  1. Africa (CAF): 5
  2. Asia (AFC): 4 (plus 1 playoff qualifier)
  3. Europe (UEFA): 13
  4. North/Central America & Caribbean (CONCACAF): 3 (plus 1 playoff qualifier)
  5. Oceania (OFC): 1 playoff qualifier
  6. South America (CONMEBOL): 4 (plus 1 qualifying playoff)
  7. Two intercontinental playoffs played in June 2022
  8. Featuring one country from each of four different regions, will determine the final two qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup: Asia vs. South
  9. America, and North America vs. Oceania.

The location for the European World Cup Football Event will also be determined in June. The Wales team will host guests from either Scotland or Ukraine in the single-elimination playoff final. Both matches will be played on month of June. Because Ukraine requested that the match be moved during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

List of Finalist Countries Participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Furthermore, of the 32 tickets up for grabs. Currently, 20 have been distributed to regional qualifier winners. One ticket has been handed over to Qatar as the host. The remaining 19 tickets will also be distributed through the next qualifying round in June 2022. The following is a list of countries that have qualified for the Qatar 2022 World Cup final qualifying round, including:

European Zone

  • German
  • Denmark
  • French
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Spanish
  • Serbia
  • English
  • Switzerland
  • Dutch

South America Zone

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • Uruguay

North/Central America & Caribbean (CONCACAF) Zone

  • Canada
  • Asian Zone
  • Iran
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia

Finalist Ticket Distribution Process For 2022 World Cup Confederation

Since its inception, the world football organization (FIFA) has set ticket quotas for each confederation zone around the world in the Grand Match of the World Cup. The allocation is exactly the same as the previous World Cup event.

Here are the details:

  • Asia (AFC): 4 (could be 5, depending on playoff result)
  • Africa (CAF): 5
  • Central and North America (CONCACAF): 4 (could be 5, depending on playoff result)
  • Latin America (CONMEBOL): 4 (could be 5, depending on playoff result)
  • Oceania (OFC): 0 (could be 1, depending on playoff result)
  • Europe: 13
  • Host: 1.

Next Teams Qualify Schedule

The 2022 World Cup teams qualifying schedule will take place in a marathon this week. Some zones have had their last match, while in the European zone there are still games pending because Ukraine asked for a postponement. There are still 12 tickets for the final round that will be up for grabs.

World Cup Draw

The draw for the 2022 World Cup finals will take place April 1, 2022. The draw for the World Cup Final this time will be much different than before. This time, not all participant slots will be filled and only 29 slots are available from the 32 qualified teams.