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Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage


Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage: Contribution of Ex-MU and Liverpool

Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage, We hope there will be no red cards at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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But who can guarantee? In the World Cup stage which is full of pressure, as well as intrigue and drama, red cards often

color the match at the biggest football party of this four years. Ironically, in recent editions, red cards have actually hit star players such as Wayne Rooney,

Luis Suarez, and the “quiet” Zinedine Zidane. Therefore, the public is increasingly aware of the heavy pressure on the names of stars who are required to look good.

Don’t Want

Actually, the players never expected the ‘haram’ card. Especially if the player is a star who is the focus in their respective countries.

You see, apart from hurting big names, their absence would be very detrimental to the team.

However, in football, something bad is sometimes difficult to avoid. Whether it’s because of an outburst of emotion or the provocation of opposing players.

Now, let’s briefly and concisely review why Rooney, Suarez, Zidane, and other players were given red cards at the World Cup.

David Beckham

The Manchester United legend could only surrender when referee Kim Milton Nielsen from Denmark sent him off the field.

It happened during the duel England vs Argentina. The moment occurred in the last 16 of the 1998 World Cup.

The disaster began with a violation by Diego Simeone against Beckham. So far, no problem. Uh, Beckham, who was on his stomach on the grass, kicked Simeone back.

No doubt, the owner of number 7 was rewarded with a red card in cash. Minus Beckham, the score 2-2 lasted until the end. England were eventually eliminated because they lost 3-4 on penalties.

Josip Simunic

In this incident, FIFA is not playing. The lighter, related to the performance of referee Graham Poll from England.

A serious poll blunder when leading the duel between Australia and Croatia in the 2006 World Cup Group F decider.

Poll gave three yellow cards to Croatia defender Simunic. The first yellow card was given in the 61st minute,

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then the second yellow card in the 90th minute, and the third yellow Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage at 90+3 minutes.

After the match, the Australian Football Federation bombarded FIFA with harsh criticism. Poll himself chose to retire from leading international matches since the embarrassing incident.

Wayne Rooney

Colleagues at the club, enemies in their respective national team jerseys. England and Portugal met in the 2006 World Cup quarter-finals.

The Three Lions were strengthened by Wayne Rooney, while the Selecao das Quinas was driven by Cristiano Ronaldo.

At that time both strengthened the same club, Manchester United. In the 60th minute, Rooney was given a Red Card Disaster on the Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage for deliberately stepping on Portugal defender,

Ricardo Carvalho. Portugal players, including Ronaldo, protested loudly and urged the referee to expel Rooney.

After the referee sent off Rooney, Ronaldo was caught on camera winking at the Portugal bench. Bang Dodo’s provocation went smoothly.

Zinedine Zidane

Anyone knows, Zidane is not a temperamental player. The Real Madrid legend chooses to enjoy every match with his beautiful moves and accurate passes.

Therefore, when Zidane was sent off by the referee with Red Card Disaster on the World Cup, Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage when France clashed with Italy in the 2006 World Cup final, many were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Many argue that Zidane’s header into the chest of Marco Materazzi, the Gli Azzurri defender, is not without reason.

It was later discovered that Zidane was forced to do so because Materazzi insulted his sister.

Luis Suarez

Suarez is a striker. However, when Uruguay played against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup quarter-finals, the former Liverpool goal machine suddenly became a goalkeeper.

Silliness that occurred when Ghana launched a great onslaught in the Uruguay penalty box. In a tense crisis, Suarez chose to use his hands to stop the ball that was headed for the goal.

Seeing that, the Ghanaian players, of course, went berserk. Suarez was given Red Card Disaster on the World Cup Stage. La Celeste gets a penalty kick.

Asamoah Gyan, who came forward as an executioner, failed to carry out his duties properly. From the sidelines, Suarez still had time to see Gyan’s failure and immediately pranced with joy. At the end of the match, Uruguay won on penalties 4-2.

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