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Real Madrid Zonk, these are 6 transfer


Real Madrid Zonk, these are 6 transfer lists that disappointed the Santiago Bernabeu public

Real Madrid Zonk, these are 6 transfer, Like the English League and Italian League, the Spanish League also looks sexy for many players around the world.

In Spain, there are two big clubs that are the goal, namely Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Especially at Real Madrid , a series of star players have worn the pride of Los Blancos. One of them is Cristiano Ronaldo,

who is now strengthening Manchester United. Bang Dodo played for Real Madrid for eight years, from 2009 to 2018.

Career There

During his career at the Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid, Ronaldo harvested trophies. Both in domestic competition and in Europe’s highest club caste.

If Ronaldo is the best signing, then the players below are the worst signings. This proves that a club like Real Madrid can make mistakes when it comes to recruiting players. Anyone?

Pedro Leon

Only a year after signing from Getafe in 2010, Leon was immediately kicked back to his old club. What’s the article? Real Madrid’s tactician at the time, Jose Mourinho, had lost his temper. Mourinho is fed up with Leon’s work ethic.

“He thinks of himself as if he were Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona or Alfredo Di Stefano,” Mourinho said.


Mourinho got rid of him because he was considered not qualified to carry out the role as a wing striker. As a result, Leon lost many playing minutes. He made just six appearances in La Liga and never started and played just 132 minutes.

In fact, to get it, Madrid had to spend 9 million pounds, or around Rp. 178 billion. “I felt humiliated in Madrid. I did everything I could. I’m a professional. I work hard,” Leon said, defending himself. But it’s too late. Mourinho is sticking to his stance.

Robert Prosinecki

He is actually a very talented player. That’s why Madrid were willing to spend 15 million pounds to bring him from Serbian club, Red Star Belgrade, in 1991.

However, those high hopes evaporated over time. Prolonged injury made the midfielder kicked out of the main squad. His condition is getting worse, because Prosinecki does not have a strict lifestyle like a professional athlete.

Before being released to Barcelona in 1995, Prosinecki had been on loan at Oviedo,

Walter Samuel

Real Madrid welcomed him with open arms. The Santiago Bernabeu public is ready to support him without a doubt. Madrid are indeed looking for a tough defender and that is believed to be in Walter Samuel.

Samuel is a former solid wall of AS Roma who earned the horror nickname, The Wall. He played for I Lupi for four years before moving to Los Blancos in 2004.

However, fans have to rub the chest. Samuel’s toughness disappeared in La Liga. His toughness seemed to disappear. Just a year after the hype of his arrival, in 2005 Madrid let him go to Inter Milan.

Javier Saviola

Above the sky there is another sky. That’s roughly the fate of Saviola in Madrid. He came at the wrong time.

Being among the likes of Arjen Robben, Gonzalo Higuain, Raul, Robinho and Ruud van Nistelrooy makes the former Barcelona dim. “I wish I would have played more,” hoped Saviola, shortly after landing his feet at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2007.

However, the striker who once held the title of South American Player of the Year was just disappointed. Saviola, who is now 40 years old, was only able to score five goals. In 2009, he was sold to Benfica.

Jonathan Woodgate

Newcastle won a lot. That’s because they managed to release one of their best Pilats, Jonathan Woodgate, to wealthy Spanish club Real Madrid for a fee of 13.4 million pounds in 2004.

In Madrid, Woodgate was not immediately played. He had to wait until 22 September 2005 to make his debut against Athletic Bilbao. I don’t know what dream he had before the match, instead of keeping the heart of the defense from conceding an opponent, Woodgate actually scored an own goal.

Not only that, the tall defender was then sent off the field because he was given a red card. Feeling no longer treated, Madrid threw him to Middlesbrough as a loan player.

From Roberto
Not everyone agreed when Ze Roberto wanted to continue his career at Real Madrid. However, Ze Roberto still insisted on leaving Portuguesa. The glitter of La Liga could make the midfielder with the Brazilian ID card reluctant to think twice.

In 1997, Ze Roberto flew to the Santiago Bernabeu after Portuguesa received a check for 9 million pounds. However, Ze Roberto KO.

Intense competition made him lose a lot of playing minutes. Tired of training, Ze Roberto was often parked on the bench. Unable to bear the burden, Ze Roberto went back to Brazil and tried his luck with Flamengo in 1998.

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