The 7 Most Expensive Wonderkids That Will Enliven the 2022 World Cup, Some of them will clash in the Hell Group Brasil

The 5 Most Expensive Wonderkids That Will Enliven the…

The 5 Most Expensive Wonderkids That Will Enliven the 2022 World Cup, Some of them will clash in the Hell Group

The 7 Most Expensive Wonderkids That Will Enliven the 2022 World Cup, Some of them will clash in the Hell Group

The World Cup is not only for experienced top players who are already famous.

In fact, ahead of the upcoming 2022 World Cup, more and more young stars have emerged and have shown that they are ready to jump at the top level.

The following is a list of the 5 most expensive wonderkids who are ready to enliven the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, summarized from the Transfermarkt website.

1. Vinicius Junior, 21 Years (Brazil) – 100 million euros

Vinicius Junior

After the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid have found a commensurate and younger replacement in Vincius.

His duet with Karim Benzema this season has made Madrid fierce again. Most recently, this deadly duo managed to bring Los Blancos through to the 2021/2022 Champions League semifinals.

Brazil’s attacking line could be the scariest at the 2022 World Cup.

2. Phil Foden, 21 years (England) – 90 million euros

Dominated by young players, the England squad for the 2022 World Cup could be the freshest.

Although most of them are players who have just shined, it doesn’t mean that this generation of The Three Lions is less bite-sized.

One of the potential is Manchester City’s versatile striker, Phil Foden.

Any coach seems to be very lucky to have Foden on his team.

This 21-year-old youth is fluent in playing in many positions, from striker to central midfielder.

3. Pedri Gonzales, 19 years (Spain) – 80 million euros

Pedri was called up to the Spain under-21 squad, Pedri, as a midfield general, will be the pioneer for the Spanish national team to reach its glory again at the World Cup.

4. Jude Bellingham, 18 years (England) – 75 million euros

Apart from Foden, another promising young boy from the England national team is Jude Bellingham.

For the last two seasons Bellingham has caught the world’s attention through his impressive performances at Borussia Dortmund.

5. Pablo Gavi, 17 years (Spain) – 60 million euros

Xavi Hernandez as the current coach of Barcelona, has succeeded in polishing this wonderkid’s talent to make it more shiny.


Defending World Cup Champion FIFA

Defending World Cup Champion, Will France Continue Myth of…

Defending World Cup Champion, Will France Continue Myth of Curse in 2022 Qatar?

Defending World Cup Champion

The reigning champions of the 2018 World Cup, will France continue the curse myth at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

France has the status of defending champion at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, because France was the champion of the previous edition of the World Cup, in 2018.

Every edition of the World Cup, including the Qatar 2022 World Cup, always presents an interesting story in it.

Not yet held, the Qatar 2022 World Cup has given birth to many interesting stories, one of which is the failure of several major countries to qualify for the World Cup.

The myth of the curse has occurred since the 1998 World Cup, when France was the champion.

France, who won the 1998 World Cup, automatically holds the defending title at the next World Cup, the 2002 World Cup.

After that, the myth of the reigning champion’s curse continues to this day.

Italy, who won the 2006 World Cup, had to crumble as badly as they could at the 2010 World Cup.

After that, it was Germany’s turn to win the 2014 World Cup, also devastated at the 2018 World Cup.
Then the 2018 World Cup winner, France, will they continue the curse myth at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Previously France experienced the curse of the reigning champion. France, who at that time won the 1998 World Cup, had to be destroyed in the 2002 World Cup.

The mystery of the Curse made the defending champion fail in the next competition, proven at least during the last 3 World Cup events.

Zinedine Zidane’s CS squad felt that way when his team couldn’t do much in the group phase. Roosters surprisingly lost to Senegal 1-0 in the opener.

Of course, the story and dark moments that France wants to avoid at the 2022 World Cup later. Especially now that France has a team that is qualified and star-studded as well. Starting from Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, Paul Pogba, Raphaël Varane, N’golo Kante and Griezmann.

Meanwhile, the UAE, Australia, and Peru, even though they lack star players, one of them could be a dark horse.

Then France will meet Denmark on Saturday (26/3/2022), then meet Tunisia on Wednesday (30/11/2022).


Because Heartache! These Top Players Didn’t Strengthen Their Teams…

Because Heartache! These Top Players Didn’t Strengthen Their Teams in the 2022 World Cup Qatar, Who?

Because Heartache! These Top Players Didn't Strengthen Their Teams in the 2022 World Cup Qatar, Who

On the other hand, the Qatar 2022 World Cup finals have been drawn for the group stage. The draw was held in Doha, Qatar, Friday (1/4/2022) evening WIB.

The World Cup at the end of the year will witness a number of star-labeled players, but it will be their last chance. Yes, the 2022 World Cup is potentially the last one for some famous players because of age.

The names of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo seem to have one chance to finally get one major trophy, namely the World Cup. Nor are the two of them the only big-name players looking set to play in their final World Cup.

Who are the big-name players who will make the 2022 World Cup in Qatar the last in their career?

These 6 Top Players Didn’t Strengthen Their Team

1. Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil

In 2018, Mesut Ozil caused a stir in world football. The reason, the former Real Madrid midfielder decided to retire from the German national team.

In fact, at that time, Mesut Ozil was still in his golden age, which was 30 years. That said, Mesut Ozil was disappointed with the Football Federation, or DFB.

The reason is, the Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB) criticized Mesut Ozil who met with the President of Turkey, namely Erdogan.

Deutscher Fussball-Bund alleges that if the two met it was not for football matters, but for political interests.

Mesut Ozil made his debut in the German national team in 2009, who at that time was still quite young, namely 20 years old.

Until hanging up his boots, Mesut Ozil has won 92 points with 23 goals and 40 assists.

Not only that, Mesut Ozil also brought the German national team to win the 2014 World Cup which was held in Brazil.

2. Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos

In July last year, the Real Madrid player decided to retire from the German national team.

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This match was his last appearance for the German national team. In addition, Toni Kross will not strengthen the German national team squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The reason Kross retired from defending the German national team was because he wanted to focus on defending Real Madrid. That said, according to him the future at Real Madrid is more important than in the German national team.

Even though he is entering old age, Toni Kross is still a mainstay on the front lines of Real Madrid this season.

This season, Toni Kross is almost never absent from defending the El Real squad. While throughout his career in the German national team, Kross has won 106 Keps, with a score of 17 goals and 19 assists.

Kross’ best achievement also occurred in the 2014 World Cup. In the final against Argentina, Kross appeared as a trio with Miroslav Klose and Mesut Ozil.

3. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique revealed the reason why he retired from the Spanish national team.

That said, he has a bad relationship with the la Furia Roja squad. Because the sporters often criticize Pique on the field.

Although, having retired from the Spanish national team in 2019, Pique had time to defend the Catalunya national team.

4. Samir Nasri

Nasri is a former Manchester City midfielder. In 2014, Samir Nasri decided to retire from the French national team.

He decided to retire from the national team when he was still quite young, namely 27 years.

In fact, the appearance in the World Cup is one of the biggest dreams of Samir Nasri.

This has made Samir Nasri’s relationship with the coach of the French national team heated up.

The reason, at that time Nasri was playing in a pretty good and good performance, even winning the Premier League Trophy with Manchester City.

5. Hakim Ziyech

Hakim Ziyech is playing for Chelsea. Not long ago, Ziyech retired from the Moroccan national team.

The decision made by Ziyech shocked the football public. The reason, he was undergoing his best season when he was 28 years old.

Ziyech is currently having great success with his club Chelsea. After winning the Champions League, they also completed it by winning the UEFA Super Cup, and the Club World Cup.

Hakim Ziyech’s decision to retire early is said to have had problems with the coach of the Moroccan national team.

That said, Ziyech pretended to be injured when he wanted to be called up for a test match. This was denied via his personal official Instagram.

6. Kevin-Prince Boateng

In 2011, Kevin Prince Boateng’s last year in defending the Ghana national team. The reason, in that year, he decided to retire.

Boateng chose to hang up his shoes at the age of 24, because he was concerned about his health.

In fact, Boateng had suffered a knee injury for six times in a row.

Kevin-Prince Boateng was last in the Ghana national team at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.***

6 Facts about the 2022 World Cup Euro

6 Facts about the 2022 World Cup, the curse…

6 Facts about the 2022 World Cup, the curse of the reigning champion to the potential for Messi and Ronaldo’s records

6 Facts about the 2022 World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18, 2022. This event will be the 22nd edition of the biggest football party in the world.

There are a number of interesting facts that are likely to happen at the 2022 World Cup. Such as the records that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have the chance to create.

In addition, there are also facts about the curse of the reigning World Cup champion. Where the team labeled as defending champions often becomes the patient in the next edition.

Here are six facts about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which published a number of data on the official FIFA website:

1. Lionel Messi breaks Maradona’s record

Lionel Messi has the opportunity to break Diego Maradona’s record for appearances at the World Cup. Messi needed just two games to match Maradona’s record 21 appearances.

2. Messi can set the record for most appearances

If Argentina reached the Qatar 2022 World Cup final, and Messi played seven games regularly, La Pulga would equal Germany legend Lothar Matthaus’ record 26 World Cup appearances.

Cristiano Ronaldo aka CR has always scored goals in four editions of the World Cup. Matched the record of Pele (Brazil National Team), Uwe Seeler (West German National Team), and Miroslav Klose (German National Team). If Ronaldo scores at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he will be the only player to score in five editions of the World Cup.

4. Deschamps the coach that appears most often

Didier Deschamps is the coach with the most appearances at the World Cup.

5. The curse of the champion does not qualify in the group stage

In the last three editions of the World Cup, the reigning champions have often been cursed with being eliminated in the group stage. They are Italy (2006 World Cup champions, eliminated at the 2010 World Cup), Spain (2010 World Cup champions, eliminated at the 2014 World Cup), and Germany (2014 World Cup champions, eliminated at the 2018 World Cup).

6. Qatar is the first Middle East country to host

Previously, there had never been a Middle Eastern country that hosted it, although it regularly sent representatives to the World Cup such as Saudi Arabia and Iran.

4 Key Players of the Qatar National Team World Cup

4 Key Players Qatar National Team in the 2022…

4 Key Players of the Qatar National Team in the 2022 World Cup, How Far Can the Home Team Go?

qatar national team world cup 2022

Football’s biggest party, the World Cup 2022, is about to welcome you in November. Qatar as the host is in the hell group, namely group A. You could say this group is quite difficult for the hosts. Because in this group they will compete with the World Cup 2010 finalists, the Netherlands.
The other 2 best teams are Senegal, led by Sadio Mane, to Ecuador, which has high fighting power. But of course, the host has prepared various compositions for the Qatar national team with the best players.

The coach who is also a former Barcelona youth coach, Felix Sanchez, has proven his capacity by bringing the Qatar Team to rank 51 in FIFA in March 2022. So who are the key players from the Qatar national team whose work deserves attention at the 2022 World Cup later?

LaLiga fans must be familiar with this one player. Akram Afif is a former Villarreal, Sporting Gijon and Sevilla U19 player.

Now, the 26-year-old player is a key pillar of Al-Sadd. He also had time to be Xavi’s favorite player when he coached Al-Sadd. Akram Afif’s experience in European football is expected to be a motivation for other colleagues to take part in the 2022 World Cup.

Almoez Ali

Almoez Ali

Just like Akram Afif, Almoez Ali has also been poor across European football. The 25-year-old player had time to defend KAS Eupen, LASK in Austria, to Spain to defend Leonesa.

Now, Almoez Ali is the captain as well as the main banger for the Al-Duhail team. Throughout this season, he has recorded 7 goals and 6 assists in 17 matches with Al-Duhail.

Hasan Al-Haydos

Hasan Al-Haydos

This one name is a legend from Qatar as well as the Al-Sadd club. Hasan Al-Haydos started his football career in 2007. Until now, he is still loyal to defending Al-Sadd for 15 years.

Al-Haydos is also a regular player for the Qatar national team. He debuted in 2008. Until now, the winger has made 158 appearances for the Qatar national team and has scored 34 goals.

For defense matters, the Qatar National Team has a solid wall in Tarek Salman. Just 24 years old, Salman has made his way into Spanish football alongside Jupiter Leones and Astorga.

Salman, who is now defending Al-Sadd, is expected to be a wall that will block attacks from opponents. He has played 49 times for the Qatar National Team.

With the composition of players that has been prepared by coach Felix Sanchez and the full support of the public on their own soil, how far will the Qatar National Team go in the 2022 World Cup?

Taking place in November, the World Cup 2022 in Qatar will be very interesting to watch. Make sure to use a super fast and high-definition internet service to watch the excitement of the match directly on your gadget!

List of World Cup Hosts from 1930-2022 Football

List of World Cup Hosts from 1930-2022

List of World Cup Hosts from 1930-2022

List of World Cup Hosts from 1930-2022

The next two World Cups hosts were held in Europe, and FIFA’s decision to choose France to host the 1938 World Cup was condemned. South American countries have agreed that the location of the World Cup will alternate between the two continents. As a result, Argentina and Uruguay boycotted the 1938 FIFA World Cup.

The World Cup is the biggest football sporting event in the world which began 91 years ago, namely in 1930. After World War II ended, the World Cup continued in 1950 in Brazil.

As the most prestigious international soccer tournament in the world, every country is scrambling to host the World Cup, in 2018. In addition, there are also two co-host countries. The two countries were Japan and South Korea at the 2002 World Cup.

South Africa became the first African country to host the World Cup in 2010. The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil. This is the first time it has been held in South America since 1978. And will also be the first event to be hosted outside Europe twice in succession.

Only Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany have hosted the event twice. Brazil will host for the second time the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The following is a list of the names of the countries that hosted the World Cup from 1930 to 2022:

Year Host Champion
1930 Uruguay Uruguay
1934 Italia Italia
1938 Perancis Italia
1942 Canceled Canceled
1946 Canceled Canceled
1950 Brazil Uruguay
1954 Swiss Jerman Barat
1958 Swedia Brazil
1962 Chile Brazil
1966 England England
1970 Mexico Brazil
1974 West Germany West Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina
1982 Spanyol Italy
1986 Meksiko Argentina
1990 Italy West Germany
1994 USA Brazil
1998 France France
2002 Japan, South Korea Brazil
2006 Germany Italy
2010 Afrika Selatan Spain
2014 Brasil Germany
2018 Rusia France
2022 Qatar ?

FIFA designated World Cup host country requirements

FIFA’s selection of the host country for world cup events has evolved over time. This selection process is accompanied by certain requirements and a financial audit process to accommodate the country. This selection process was highly controversial as it drew many comments about the inefficiency of international travel.

Several European teams managed to participate in the FIFA World Cup hosts in Uruguay (South America), and several South America. Both teams withdrew when the next event was held on the European. To prevent favoritism, FIFA began to alternate between America and Europe with each successive event. This policy continued until 2002 when Japan and South Korea co-hosted the first World Cup finals in Asia.

FIFA Stage in the World Football Events Selection Process

FIFA’s selection process has come a long way from its early days (as has air travel). The creation of a much more balanced and reliable system. This process begins with each prospective host country, having to submit a bid to the FIFA Bid Evaluation Task Force several years in advance. The BETF then prepared three reports:

  • Compliance Assessment — Compliance checks on FIFA bid requirements, hosting templates, and requirements for competitions.
  • Risk Assessment — The process of evaluating costs and projected revenues from the holding of the tournament in the candidate’s country.
  • Technical Evaluation Report — Investigate details of infrastructure and logistics. This investigation consists of the feasibility of the stadium, housing, and available transportation. Plus additional financial issues (costs, estimated broadcast, and ticket revenues) that are not covered by the Risk Assessment.

That condition of the prospective host country is presented to the FIFA Council. The elimination process to narrow the bids down to a list of candidates begins. Next, the selection process is carried out by the entire FIFA congress. FIFA congress consists of representatives of 211 countries as FIFA association members. Every step of the process is completely transparent and publicly available. Starting from the initial report to the final vote of each member.

Story From FIFA WC country through 2026 (chronological):

  • 2026: Canada, United States (2nd time), Mexico (3rd time)
  • 2022: Qatar
  • 2018: Russia
  • 2014: Brazil
  • 2010: South Africa
  • 2006: Germany (2nd time)
  • 2002: Japan/South Korea
  • 1998: France (2nd time)
  • 1994: United States
  • 1990: Italy (2nd time)
  • 1986: Mexico
  • 1982: Spain
  • 1978: Argentina
  • 1974: West Germany
  • 1970: Mexico
  • 1966: England
  • 1962: Chile
  • 1958: Sweden
  • 1954: Switzerland
  • 1950: Brazil
  • 1946: — canceled (WWII) —
  • 1942: — canceled (WWII) —
  • 1938: France
  • 1934: Italy
  • 1930: Uruguay
Two Groups of Hell in the 2022 World Cup Costa Rica

Two Groups of Hell in the 2022 World Cup

Two Groups of Hell in the 2022 World Cup

Two Groups of Hell in the 2022 World Cup

The draw for the 2022 World Cup gave rise to two hellish groups that brought together strong countries who were ready to finish off each other in order to qualify from the Qatar 2022 World Cup Group Phase.

Spain and Germany will fight each other to get perfect points, the duel between the two will be even more interesting with the presence of the Asian giant, Japan.

It doesn’t stop there, the fight for a ticket to the next round in Group E is arguably getting hotter by waiting for the winner of the intercontinental playoffs.

The duel brings together Costa Rica and New Zealand, interestingly this group will add to the record of meeting Spain and Germany.

Of the four meetings at the World Cup, Germany managed to win the first two meetings and draw once in the third meeting.

Meanwhile, the Matador Country managed to record a victory in the last meeting, to be precise in the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup through one goal from Charles Puyol.

The next 2022 World Cup hell group is Group H which contains Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales/Scotland/Ukraine

At that time Luis Suarez’s controversial action made Ghana have to give up its dream of advancing to the semifinals, after failing in a penalty shootout.

Unfortunately for Qatar as the host of this edition of the World Cup, the fact that one group with the Netherlands and Senegal are in Group A must be accepted.


World Cup Mascots Football

The History of the World Cup Mascots from Time…

The History of the World Cup Mascots from Time to Time

Here’s a brief history of the World Cup mascots from time to time. Prior to welcoming the 2022 World Cup, England was known to be the first host to initiate the presence of a mascot in the quadrennial competition.

Although the World Cup had started in 1930, the presence of the mascot was only sparked in 1996. This edition was the first time England hosted the event by carrying an icon named Willie.

Willie is an anecdote of a lion wearing an outfit bearing the British flag. The cartoon’s inspiration came from the figure of children’s illustrator Reg Hoye.

In the next edition, 1970, Mexico as the host introduced a caricature of a boy named ‘Juanito’ as the mascot at that time who wore full Mexican cultural clothes.

World Cup Mascots

West Germany hosted the first time in 1974. The mascot that was carried was almost the same as before. The difference this time is that there are two boys named Tip and Tap.

The boy mascot was again worn by Argentina at the 1978 World Cup. The icon was named Gauchito. In 1982, Spain changed the mascot style to fruit. Naranjito is an orange-shaped icon that represents Spain.

Four years later Mexico followed the lead of Spain. The difference this time is that they use their country’s signature vegetable, namely Jalapeno Chili. The vegetable-inspired mascot was named Pique.

In the next edition, Italy showed another unique icon named Ciao in 1990. Ciao is a colorful stick or stick. Then at the 1994 World Cup, the United States used a cute dog mascot named Strike.

In 1998, France showed an iconic rooster named Frootix. In 2002, Japan and South Korea had three mascots named Ato, Kaz, and Nik. They are the imagination of the internet world, and even a short film was made.

Returning host Germany chooses mascot

In 2006, Germany, which was again the host, chose a lion mascot named Goleo VI. Unfortunately, this mascot is not very popular among other World Cup mascots.

Four years later, South Africa, which hosted the World Cup for the first time, successfully introduced a mascot named Zakumi. He is a leopard-inspired mascot.

In 2014 in Brazil the mascot was named Fulleco which was the animal Armadillo. Russia in 2018 introduced the Zabivaka, the Asian white wolf.

Now after often using mascots in the form of animals or humans, Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup actually takes a different step. They officially introduced a mascot named La’eeb which was inspired by the kuffiyah which is a typical head covering for Middle Eastern countries.



















qatar world cup 2022 Qatar

8 Unique Things In Qatar, Doha for Sports Adrenaline…

Qatar is a paradise for adventurers and adrenaline junkie! Not bad for a walk with family or friends in your spare time for the World Cup big football match in November 2022.
This country has everything from desert adventures to thrills in crystal-clear waters and warm summer air. There are many guides available to provide an experience for all.

One of the countries with no taxes on anything, free housing, and public amenities, and very easy to find high-paying jobs. No doubt this makes Qatar the happiest country on Earth. How does it feel to be a native of that country? For sure we will never have trouble living. You want something because you have money too. Plus the level of corruption there is very low. It just makes you happier when you think about it.

Desert Excursions & Dune Bashing at Khor Al-Adaid – Qatar

dune buggy madisonsports

It is about two hours drive from the capital city. Its location in the south of the country of Qatar is the ticket for anyone who wants a complete desert experience! Collected from your accommodation.

Next, the passengers are taken to the dunes in a large SUV. Learn the skills of local drivers as they make a career in the dunes. The skill of navigating the difficult terrain is simply amazing. Travelers will feel an adrenaline rush as they race through the sand, sometimes feeling as though the car is on ice as it slides sideways down an incline.

Sandboarding, camel riding and even swimming in the bustling inland sea. Known to locals as Khor Al-Adaid, are all highly recommended. End the trip by fully immersing yourself in Bedouin culture. And appreciating the famous Qatari hospitality on the shores of Mesaieed Beach. Relax in a traditional-style Bedouin tent. Enjoy a cup of tea and local dishes before heading back to town.

Hike & Climb in Dahl Al Misfir – Qatar

dahl al-misfir madisonsportsThis second Sightseeing location can be accessed in just under an hour from Doha. Dahl Al Misfir is a great adventure place for the whole family. Free to enter! This ancient sinkhole is stunning and beautiful. Thought to have formed between 325,000 and 500,000 years ago, explorers can climb 40 meters into its depths.

Enjoy the natural phenomenon of glow that causes rock surfaces to emit an otherworldly glow. As you venture further into the darkness. You will find the uneven terrain challenging. Adrenaline junkie will scramble and climb boulders of various sizes. So it is advisable to use appropriate footwear.

Be sure to avoid migratory birds such as nightjars and wagtails. which are known to nest in soft limestone en route to and from Africa!

EsQalar – Qatar Rock Climbing

pinterest-daily-motivational-quotes-sport-outdoor-qatarDon’t underestimate the Qatar Landscape. Many people think that Qatar’s desert landscape only offers sand dunes. A location shaped by desert winds.

The unique rock formations located in northwestern Qatar’s Zekreet National Park are the perfect challenge for the keen adrenaline junkie. With over 10 different routes to tackle, each with its own puzzle to solve, you won’t be disappointed!

There are also options for the less serious hiker. EsQalar at Aspire Zone Doha offers all the thrills and health benefits of rock climbing. But with less sand and more safety mats. They cater to all abilities and ages, offering trial sessions and classes for children.

Skydiving at the Um Al Shkot Airport – Qatar

Skydiving at the Um Al Shkot Airport Adrenaline Junkie LoversSkydive Qatar is a world-class, high-adrenaline skydiving facility and is loved by adrenaline junkie. Enjoy the sport of skydiving at an altitude of 12,000 feet. We offer Tandem Skydiving, the AFF training program, with modern facilities and accompanied by our experienced jumpers.

The facility is based 40km north of Doha at Um Al Shkot Airport. A team of world-class international skydiving instructors is trained to create a friendly and safe environment for both beginners and experienced jumpers.

Adrenaline junkie will parachute and can enjoy a minute of freefall. Followed by a decent five minutes in peace. Spend your time enjoying all that Qatar has to offer from the sky.

This is not an activity for the faint of heart or for travelers on a budget. However, for the true adrenaline junkie, there is no word for such a thing!


City Water sports at Khor Al-Adaid – Qatar

kitesurfing in qatar watersports

Qatar is a hidden gem city when it comes to water sports. Visitors would be forgiven for not knowing where to start with the sheer number of options available. There is a wide variety of water entertainment available. Whether it’s surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, or paddleboarding, the beaches around Doha are filled with helpful guides.

Head to the Corniche or Aspire Zone of Doha to enjoy water sports in your city! If you want to dive, you can also sign up for an ocean outing exploring coastal shipwrecks, marine life in Khor Al-Adaid, and coral reefs south of Doha.

As a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian sea and blessed with sunny weather all year round, Qatar is an ideal location for water sports. In winter when temperatures average 26 degrees, the country’s crystal clear beaches, water parks, and marinas invite everyone to try new activities and experiences. In summer, you can catch the sun and wind on the most beautiful beaches.

This is a place that you should visit and explore. How to spend free time, to turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Kayak in Al Thakira Mangroves Qatar

Qatar - al-thakira mangroves madison sportsThis white mangrove forest is accessible by kayak from Al-Thakira Marina in the northern city of Al-Khor. Located just over an hour’s drive north of Doha, not far from the town of Al Khor, the single best way to explore the Al Thakira Mangrove is by kayak. Don’t miss the chance to visit these unique coastal marshes if you have time. Although guided tours are available, they are not a requirement and there is no entry fee.

These mangroves are home to an unexpected variety of birds, including flamingos and a new species of sea slug. A surprising contrast to the expansive view of the dunes. Al Thakira is a welcoming sanctuary from beautiful clear green waters. Rowing is easy for new adventurers and easily accessible for the inexperienced. Kayak through its narrow waterways lined with tangled roots, photograph the birds and marine life that make the mangroves their home, and soak up the serenity.

At the end of this channel or the end of the route stop at a secluded and enchanting mangrove beach. Al Thakira Beach is just a very short kayak ride away. This location is the perfect way to end the day. Relax on the white sand, and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Adrenaline junkie hot air balloon madison sports groupsFly in a hot air balloon and let Qatar reveal its beauty. It’s all about watching the sunrise through a hot air balloon. See Qatar from an altitude perspective like never before by taking to the skies with one of Doha’s hot air balloon operators.

Enjoy hot air balloon flights with a maximum of 10 people adrenaline junkie per flight. To get the maximum experience. In order to plan a successful trip, travelers should prepare their itinerary in advance.

The journey that starts in the morning can enjoy a stunning view of the sunrise over the city of Doha – Qatar. The trip usually lasts about an hour and can be the perfect place for a romantic trip or a group outing.

The annual Qatar Balloon Festival is scheduled for late November, to coincide with the Qatar Football World Cup 2022. A dazzling spectacle, the kaleidoscope of colorful balloons will become a must-visit for foreign tourists to the country of Qatar.

Rocky Routes Cycling

Adrenaline junkie with mountain biking qatar madison sports groupsCycling style revolution With Adrenaline Challenging Rocky Tracks. Qatar will soon have a dedicated bicycle lane of 2,000 kilometers long. This bike path is arguably the longest in the world when compared to those in Europe. Britain, for example, only has a 300-kilometer track, as written by the news site

Qatar has supported the sport in recent years. The country of the emirs has also set up bicycle lanes for hundreds of kilometers in Doha City. And all these routes can connect it to any number of countries. You can visit the Qatar Chain Reaction cycling group for information on the best routes and recreational cycling rides.

Mountain biking is also popular in the north of the country Qatar. There is a rocky terrain perfect for the adrenaline junkie. Cyclists can take the rocky route near Zekreet and the UNESCO designated Al Reem biosphere. Other bicycle-accessible sightseeing opportunities in the area include Richard Serra’s acclaimed East-West/West-East installation.


UEFA ZONE Basket Ball

How are the Last 3 Tickets to the 2022…

How are the Last 3 Tickets to the 2022 World Cup Up for grabs? Here’s the explanation

World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup finals will be held at the end of this year. There are already 29 countries that have made sure to pass. While the remaining three tickets will be contested through the playoffs.

The last two countries that confirmed tickets to Qatar were Mexico and the United States from the CONCACAF zone. The two countries to the 2022 World Cup accompany Canada, which has qualified first.

In the match in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in the CONCACAF zone, Thursday (31/3/2022) yesterday. Mexico ensured qualification for the 2022 World Cup after beating El Salvador 2-0. The victory ensured they were in second place in the standings with 28 points.

While the United States, despite losing 0-2 to Costa Rica, still qualified directly for the 2022 World Cup finals with 25 points and placed third. While Costa Rica will undergo a playoff match for the 2022 World Cup.

With 29 countries already qualified for the 2022 World Cup, there are three remaining tickets up for grabs. Who will fight in the 2022 World Cup playoffs for the three tickets to the World Cup finals?

AFC Zone (Asia)
From the AFC zone, there will be Australia and the United Arab Emirates who will fight to get one remaining ticket in the Asian zone. Australia must undergo a playoff match after finishing in third place in Group B of the Asian Zone Qualification Round 3.

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates also finished in third place in the third round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian zone. The United Arab Emirates is in third place behind Iran and South Korea with 12 points.

The 2022 World Cup playoff duel between the United Arab Emirates and Australia will be held on 7 June 2022. The winner of this duel does not automatically get a ticket because they will meet Peru as a representative of CONMEBOL.