Next Week Erick Thohir Meets Shin Tae-yong 2023


Erick Thohir – The future of Shin Tae-yong in the Indonesian national team continues to be in question. Because the coach from South Korea will expire at the end of December 2023. In fact, the Indonesian National Team is still faced with quite an important agenda. It is known that in January 2024, the Garuda squad will compete in the Asian Cup. Erick Thohir It feels a bit risky if PSSI decides not to renew Shin Tae-yong’s contract and hands over the Indonesian National Team which will compete in the Asian Cup to another coach.

The general chairman of PSSI, Erick Thohir, emphasized that in the near future he would have a meeting with Shin Tae-yong. The meeting will be held next week. “Erick Thohir What is certain is that the meeting will have me with coach Shin, but not this week, next week,” said Erick Thohir.

Learn Contracts

Erick Thohir said that during the meeting his party would study Shin Tae-yong’s latest contract. He admitted that he did not know exactly the contents of the former South Korean national team player’s latest contract. ” Erick Thohir We’ll see later. I want to study the contract. So far I haven’t held the contract. What’s the salary, how much is the contract, I’ve never read it,” he explained.

Erick Thohir then said that the long-term development program for the Indonesian National Team was indeed the focus of PSSI. However, he also feels that the current senior Indonesian National Team still needs special attention. “This is part of course we see the development of the National Team in the long term too. But there are seniors,” said Erick.

Rekor Shin

Shin Tae-yong was Erick Thohir appointed as the coach of the Indonesian national team since January 1 2020. He was not only given the task of managing the senior squad, but also managing Erick Thohir the U-23 and U-20 Indonesian national teams. Shin Tae-yong’s record with the senior Indonesian national Erick Thohir team is quite good. The 52-year-old coach led the Garuda squad in 31 matches with 17 wins, eight draws and six defeats.

Shin Tae-yong’s debut with the Erick Thohir senior Indonesian national team took place on May 29 2021. At that time Shin’s squad lost 1-3 to the Oman national team in an international trial.

3 Key Players for the U-22 Indonesian National Team to Cripple Lebanon

Erick Thohir In the match later, it is likely that coach Indra Sjafri will rotate players. This match is an Erick Thohir opportunity for the U-22 National Team to apply the best strategy to achieve maximum results. So, who are the players who have the opportunity to become the mainstay and key to the game for the U-22 Indonesian national team to beat Lebanon? Here are three choices from the version .

Rizky Ridho

Rizky Ridho is a quality midfielder who belongs to the Indonesian National Team. Still 21 years old, but Rizky Ridho has become a mainstay in Erick Thohir the senior Indonesian national team and Persebaya Surabaya. Rizky Ridho is equipped with formidable skills in breaking opponent attacks from land and air. In addition, Rizky Ridho has calm in playing when guarding the defense. Rizky Ridho has the potential to become an important player against Lebanon later. Rizky Ridho is predicted to be able to give his best performance and help the Garuda Muda squad win.

David Maulana

David Maulana is indeed Erick Thohir not a foreign name in the U-22 Indonesian National Team squad. The Bhayangkara FC player shone with Fakhri Husaini’s U-16 squad. Now, David Maulana has graduated and is entrusted with defending the U-22 National Team. David is a versatile midfielder who can be maximized in assisting attacks. In addition, David Maulana has the ability to contribute balls to the front lines. It is very likely that David Maulana’s role will be very crucial when facing Lebanon later.

Hokky Caraka

Hokky Caraka was previously a mainstay on the front lines of the U-20 Indonesian National Team. This time, his name was Erick Thohir again trusted to take part in the selection of the U-22 Indonesian National Team for the 2023 SEA Games. Hokky Caraka is indeed equipped with the ability to shoot accuracy in terms of quality. In addition, having a tall stature makes him reliable in aerial ball duels. However, Hokky Caraka’s shortcomings are sometimes inconsistent in maximizing opportunities. The game against Lebanon can be used as a place to prove Hokky.

Traces of the Meeting between the Indonesia vs Lebanon National Team

The U-22 Indonesian national team will meet Lebanon U-22 in two trial matches on April 14 and 16. So, so far, what is the record for Indonesia versus Lebanon at various age levels? The U-22 Indonesia vs Lebanon national team match will take place at the Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK), Jakarta. Even though it is only titled as a trial party, the two teams will appear serious and exert all their best abilities. The U-22 Indonesian National Team will take advantage of the match against Lebanon as a preparation for competing in the 2023 SEA Games. Later, coach Indra Sjafri will narrow down the list of players who will be brought to Cambodia.

Meanwhile, Lebanon made the match against the U-22 Indonesian National Team a preparation for the U-23 West Asian Championship and the 2024 U-23 Asian Cup Qualification. For the Indonesian National Team , Lebanon is not a foreign opponent. The two teams have met on a number of occasions at various age levels. The following is the record of the meeting between the Indonesian vs Lebanese national team.

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Often Helpless

Based on the statistics recorded 11v11 , the senior Indonesian National Team met Lebanon for the first time in 1975. In the duel titled President’s Cup, Team Garuda surrendered 0-4 to Lebanon. After 32 years, the Indonesian National Team met Lebanon again, this time the U-23 squad was competing. Indonesia faced Lebanon in the pre-elimination match in the second round of the Asian zone 2008 Olympic qualifiers. The U-23 Indonesian and Lebanese national teams are joined in Group C, along with Vietnam and Oman. At that time, the Garuda Muda Team was reinforced by Jajang Mulyana, Tony Sucipto, Ahmad Bustomi, and Boaz Solossa.

In the first meeting at the Lebak Bulus Stadium, Jakarta, March 28 2007, the Indonesian national team surrendered 1-2 to Lebanon. As for the second match at the Beirut Municipal Stadium, April 18 2007, the Garuda Muda team again gave up with a similar score of 1-2. Even though they always lost, conceding eight goals and only scoring two goals, these scores are not a guarantee that the U-22 Indonesian National Team will lose to Lebanon. It is interesting to observe the struggle of Indra Sjafri’s team to silence Lebanon.

Meeting Notes:

Tim Junior

  • 28/03/07 Indonesian National Team U-23 1-2 Lebanon U-23 (2008 Olympic Qualification Asia zone)
  • 18/04/07 Lebanon U-23 2-1 Indonesian National Team U-23 (2008 Olympic Qualification Asia zone)

Predicted line-up:

U-22 Indonesian National Team (4-3-3): Ernando Ari (goalkeeper), Bagas Kaffa, Rizky Ridho, Komang Teguh, Fajar Fathur Rahman (back), Kanu Helmiawan, David Maulana, Beckham Putra (center), Irfan Jauhari, Great Titan, Hokky Caraka (front)

Coach : Indra Sjafri (Indonesia)

Timnas Lebanon U-22 (4-3-3): Hadi Kanj (kiper), Muhammad Sadek, Abdul Razzak Dakramanji, Mohamad Al-Mahdi Al-Moussawi, Mohammad Al-Husseini (belakang) Alaa Ezzo, Samuel Harb, Mohammad Haidar, (tengah), Mohammad Nasse, Ali Chaito, Ali Qasas (depan)

Indra Sjafri Reveals the Important Mission of the U-22 Indonesian National Team in the Trial Match Against Lebanon

The U-22 Indonesian national team will face Lebanon in two international trial matches which will be held in Jakarta on April 14 and 16 2023. Coach Indra Sjafri said, there are two missions that the Garuda Muda squad wants to go through in this match. Lebanon became the second opponent the U-22 Indonesian National Team faced in a trial match ahead of preparations for the 2023 SEA Games. Previously, Indra Sjafri’s troops drew 1-1 against the BRI Liga 1 club, Bhayangkara FC.

According to Indra Sjafri, the match against Lebanon will be the venue for selecting 20 players to be brought to the 2023 SEA Games. So, this trial match will be an assessment for Indra Sjafri in selecting the U-22 Indonesian national team players. “Of course we will use this trial as much as possible. First, to determine who the 20 best people will be brought to the SEA Games , because according to SEA Games regulations there are only 20 players,” said Indra Sjafri.

SEA Games Simulation

In addition, the U-22 Indonesian National Team will use the test match against Lebanon as a simulation for the 2023 SEA Games. That’s why the break between the test matches is adjusted to the duration of the SEA Games group stage. “Second, to finalize our game plan. This match will be a simulation for the SEA Games,” said Indra Sjafri.

“I am grateful that the SEA Games this time are not like the ones I have participated in in the Philippines, where the match schedule was so tight. Hopefully these four trial matches can be taken advantage of,” said Indra Sjafri.

Give the Best

Meanwhile, Rizky Ridho emphasized the readiness of the U-22 Indonesian National Team players. The U- 22 national team captain admitted that he was ready to give his best in the match against Lebanon later. “I represent my friends, everything is ready. Hopefully I can show what is best,” said Rizky Ridho. “Hopefully we can provide according to the coach’s instructions,” said Rizky Ridho.

The final word

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