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Eddie Hearn Retracts His Comment About Jake Paul ‘Average Fighter’


Regardless of what Jake Paul has done in the ring so far. many fighting fans consider him a terrible fighter.

When Matchroom chairman Eddie Hearn downplayed Jake Paul abilities very calmly and directly. Saying he was “not a world-class fighter, and never will be” and “an average fighter“. The memes quickly became apparent.

On the line. This made Hearn a little embarrassed about doing business with Paul. “I don’t think he likes my comments about being a regular fighter. And I stand by that – I think it’s still flattering,” Hearn said on the MMA Hour.

Of course, Jake Paul disagreed with Matchroom executives last Thursday. When they jointly pushed for the sale of Katie Taylor in court against Amanda Serrano. The first woman to call Madison Square Garden Female pay-per-view headlines for headlines.

Eddie Hearn Tries To Dodge His Bitter Comments

In this and subsequent conversations, the YouTuber-turned-boxer argues over his size, a case based at least in part on his potential years from now.

Whatever it looked like, Hearn said he didn’t want to offend his casual partner.

“The thing is I don’t disrespect him, but at the same time I don’t snub him as we say,” Hearn said. “I’ll be honest. There are a lot of fighters out there, and I’d say they’re average. Not bad, not bad, average. So I say you’re an average pro fighter. That’s a huge compliment.

“But this guy said to me off-camera, ‘I’m going to beat Canelo [Alvarez] in two years and I’d look around for a camera and realize there was no camera and I was like, wow.

I think He’s so superstitious. So befuddled, but this deceit and confidence will actually help him get into the ring. Because he gets into the ring and really thinks he’s a world class fighter.

It’ll end up knocking him out. Hit, but I think people are a little surprised at his confidence, it’s not fake confidence. He really thinks he’s a world-class fighter.”

Source: The Sun

If Hearn doesn’t believe Jake Paul is a world-class fighter. He certainly believes in the 25-year-old’s promotional skills.

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He was delighted with the way Jake Paul shined in the ring. And praised his work at Taylor and Serrano’s groundbreaking campaign.

What Eddie Hearn Explained About Jake Paul

However, Hearn sees it all in boxing and can tell the difference between promotion and reality. When evaluating world-class fighters versus non-world-class fighters.

“When he said, ‘I fought these five heavyweight heavyweights,’ I never heard of them, and I know every fighter in the world,” Hearn said of Jake Paul.

“He said, ‘They’re the top five heavyweights in the world.’ It was said, ‘Well, there are four world champions, but they’re not.'”

The same goes for Jake Paul potential opponents. Such as reality TV star and Tyson Fury relative Tommy Fury, who has danced with his fellow celebs.

“Tommy Fury is an ordinary fighter,” Hearn said. “He’s not terrible. He’s not good. He’s average. But I’m not saying disrespect. There are a lot of ordinary people.”

Eddie Hearn Finally Retracts His Bitter Comments Against Jake Paul

On Saturday, Hearn invited Jake Paul to sit behind a barrier reserved for promoters at Madison Square Garden. He was a little concerned that what he said might create friction.

But the two sat together and managed to stay professional. Paul was unhappy with the split decision in Taylor’s favor. But Hearn attributed it to the usual itinerary of rival promoters.

Hearn likes the idea of ​​working with Jake Paul again until their respective charges are locked up. After which he can immediately rematch with Taylor and Serrano.

Even better, he said, the idea of ​​Paul making headlines with Conor McGregor could be imaginative.

No matter how long Hearn works with Jake Paul. He will be a fan of what the fighter brings to the table.

“I’m excited to see what he does next,” Hearn said. “I think he’s very exciting, he’s given Tyler/Serrano a lot of attention, I think he’s a fascinating character, and I think he can struggle a little bit.”


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