7 Interesting Facts about the World Cup Trophy: 2 times stolen, the champion only gets a replica that is not made of gold


7 Interesting Facts about the World Cup Trophy: 2 times stolen, the champion only gets a replica that is not made of gold

The 2022 World Cup trophy will be held in Qatar

A series of interesting facts about the World Cup trophy. Hundreds of players will fight for the championship trophy at the 2022 World Cup from November to December.

Throughout the history of the World Cup, there have been two trophies presented to the winner. The first trophy was the Jules Rimet Cup (1930-1970) which was named after the Third President of FIFA.

Then changed to the FIFA World Cup until now. The last trophy was won by France in the 2018 edition.

Got Lost


Brazil has the right to save the 1970 Jules Rimet Cup because it was the first country to win 3 World Cup titles. Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen in 1966 in England and a dog named Pickles found the trophy wrapped in newspaper.

In 1974, FIFA introduced a new trophy, namely the FIFA World Cup trophy which depicts a human holding the earth. The trophy that FIFA has worn until now is the work of Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga.

However, there are a number of interesting facts about this gold-based trophy. Here are 7 interesting facts from the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Should be Hollow

World Cup Trophy

According to chemistry professor Martyn Poliakoff, from the University of Nottingham, the solid gold World Cup trophy will weigh around 70 kilograms. This weight will make it difficult for a player to lift it.

Poliakoff also thought the ball at the top of the cup should have a hole. The goal is to be light enough for lift players and won’t be a huge waste to buy gold.

Can’t Save

Since the 1974 World Cup, the World Cup-winning country has the right to lift the FIFA World Cup trophy. But after the celebrations in the stadium, FIFA will save it again.

FIFA will again store the World Cup trophy at the World Football Museum located in Zurich, Switzerland. The winning country will only bring home a replica.

There is no clear reason why the original World Cup trophy was not rotated to be brought back to the winning country. Based on the experience of missing the Jules Rimet Cup, FIFA may not trust anyone else to look after it.

Replica Not of Gold

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There is something interesting about the replica of the World Cup trophy brought by the winning country. This replica trophy is no more expensive than the original trophy.

This is because the replica of the World Cup trophy is not entirely pure gold. But only made of gold plated bronze.

Not First Original Cup

World Cup Trophy

As we know, the current FIFA World Cup trophy is not the first trophy. This is because there was the Jules Rimet Cup in the 1930-1970 World Cup.

At the 1970 World Cup, the Jules Rimet trophy was handed over to Brazil by FIFA. This is because Brazil became a country that won three World Cups in 1970.

Jules Rimet Disappear

After FIFA handed over to Brazil, until now the Jules Rimet trophy has disappeared. This is because the trophy was stolen again in 1983 by robbers from a window in Rio de Janiero.

Many parties claim that this trophy has disappeared and will not return because the perpetrators have melted it into pure gold and then they sell it. This is what probably made FIFA finally not hand over the original World Cup trophy to the winning country until now.

Running out of space to write the winner’s name

FIFA will soon run out of space to write the winner’s name engraved on the World Cup Trophy. The final winner’s name is for the winner of the 2030 World Cup.

FIFA will have to rethink about the new World Cup trophy or the name of the next World Cup winner. In 2030 as well as a century of the World Cup, FIFA must immediately take a decision regarding this issue.

The Cup That Is Not In The Shape Of A Cup

Unlike Jules Rimet, the current World Cup trophy is not shaped like a cup or saucer. Uniquely, FIFA still uses the Copa de Mundial which comes from the word Cup (glass).

The World Cup trophy this time is in the form of a lump. However, FIFA refused to change the name of the tournament according to the current form of the trophy.


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