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Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final Prediction: Germany Coach…

Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final Prediction: Germany Coach Duel for Historic Trophy

Chelsea vs Liverpool FA Cup Final
Prediction of the Premier League FA Cup final between Chelsea vs Liverpool on Saturday (14/05/22) night WIB, a duel between German coaches to win a historic trophy.

The following is the prediction for the English FA Cup final match between Chelsea vs Liverpool on Saturday (14/05/22) evening WIB, the duel between German coaches to win the historic trophy on British soil.

Competing at Wembley stadium, a fierce duel for the trophy from the world’s oldest football championship, the FA Cup, will bring together Chelsea against 6 champions, Liverpool.

Ahead of the meeting between the two teams, Chelsea as a club capable of appearing in the last two FA Cup finals, looks less favored than Liverpool.

Although in the 2011/12 FA Cup final, Chelsea managed to beat Liverpool with a score of 2-1, but throughout 2022, the performance and internal conditions of the Blues are in an unfavorable situation.

After being left by Roman Abramovich as the owner of the club, Chelsea’s performances so far have not found good consistency.

It is evident from Chelsea’s last five matches in all competitions, Thomas Tuchel’s squad has only experienced two wins and two draws.

In contrast to Liverpool, which looks very superior after recording four wins and only one draw from the last five games.

In addition, Chelsea also seemed not to be sheltered by the goddess of luck in the FA Cup final. Where in the last two editions, the Blues failed to win after falling in the top match.

Not only fighting for the prestigious FA Cup title, the Chelsea vs Liverpool duel will also be a competition for German coaches in each team.

In the Chelsea camp, there is Thomas Tuchel who managed to bring the Blues to win the Champions League last season, while at Liverpool there is Jurgen Klopp, who has been at Anfield for 7 years.

Both have flashy achievements on the blue continent, it is interesting to look forward to the duel of fellow English League giants in the race for the FA Cup title this season at the weekend.

Sadio Mane celebrates his goal in the Premier League match Aston Villa vs Liverpool (REUTERS/Craig Brough)

Player to Watch Mason Mount (Chelsea) Facing Liverpool which is known to have a tough and difficult defense line, Chelsea is predicted to maximize the speed of its midfielders to provide through passes. One of the players who could be the key to Chelsea’s game later is Mason Mount.

Playing behind the main striker, the 23-year-old midfielder will serve as a liaison between the midfield and forwards and regulate the rhythm of the Blues’ game. Mason Mount’s vision of play has looked very good all season. Evidently, he became Chelsea’s most assists contributor with 16 in all competitions. In addition, Mason Mount also has a pretty sharp goal instinct. Noted, the former Derby County player was able to score 13 goals and became the top scorer for both clubs after Romelu Lukaku.

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

Meanwhile in the Liverpool camp, the presence of Mohamed Salah is clearly a serious threat to Chelsea’s defense. The Egyptian player must receive special attention from the Blues defenders. The reason is, throughout this 21/22 season, Mohamed Salah looks to be at his peak of form by scoring 30 goals and providing 16 assists from 48 matches. When meeting Chelsea in the Premier League this season, Mohamed Salah was also very dangerous where he always managed to score one goal from a total of two meetings.

Reflecting on these statistics, it is very clear that Mohamed Salah will be one of the dangerous players for Chelsea and must be wary of the defenders of Thomas Tuchel’s squad. Chelsea Lineup Prediction (3-4-2-1): Edouard Mendy; Trevoh Chalobah, Andreas Christensen, Antonio Rüdiger; Cesar Azpilicueta, Jorginho, N’Golo Kanté, Marcos Alonso; Christian Pulisic, Mason Mount; Romelu Lukaku.

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alisson; Alexander-Arnold, Joël Matip, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson; Jordan Henderson, Naby Keïta, Thiago; Mane, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah.

Update of 16 Teams That Have Definitely Qualified Champions League

Update of 16 Teams That Have Definitely Qualified for…

Update of 16 Teams That Have Definitely Qualified for the 2022/2023 Champions League Group Phase: Don’t Expect MU Yes

Update of 16 Teams That Have Definitely Qualified

Let’s look at the updated list of 16 teams that have officially qualified for the Champions League group phase for the 2022/2023 season. There will be no Manchester United (MU) in the Champions League next season. Because, MU has no chance of finishing in the top four of the Premier League standings.

United no longer have a chance to be in the top four of the Premier League standings after losing to Brighton in week 36. The Red Devils lost 4-0. With 58 points, MU can not catch Arsenal who are now in fourth position.

MU’s absence certainly gets more attention. Because, the Champions League lost one of its legends, namely Cristiano Ronaldo. If he doesn’t move from Manchester United, then the all-time top scorer will be absent from the Champions League.

MU is absent, but that doesn’t mean the 2022/2023 Champions League isn’t interesting. There are still many other top clubs who have definitely qualified for the Champions League. So far, there have been 16 teams that have qualified for the Champions League group stage.

Like the Premier League, which sent two representatives to the Champions League semifinals for the 2021/2022 season. Liverpool then qualified for the final. The Reds will return to compete in the group phase of the Champions League for the 2022/2023 season.

Besides Liverpool, Man City will also appear in the Champions League next season. This will be another chance for Pep Guardiola to dispel the notion that he can win without Lionel Messi in the team he coaches.

The Premier League will send two other representatives in the Champions League. The two representatives will be contested by Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham. Manchester United has no chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

Representatives of Spain and Italy

Representatives of Spain and Italy

Like the Premier League, La Liga will also send four representatives in the 2022/2022 Champions League season. Real Madrid, finalists for the 2021/2022 season, will definitely compete in the Champions League next season.

Madrid are La Liga champions this season and will automatically qualify for next season’s Champions League group stage. Apart from Madrid, Barcelona has also definitely qualified for the Champions League. Barcelona will try to improve the record of this 2021/2022 season which failed in the group phase.

The other two Spanish representatives will be contested by four teams: Sevilla, Atletico Madrid, Real Betis and Real Sociedad. However, there will be no Villarreal in the Champions League next season after having impressed this season.

Unlike the Premier League and La Liga, the four representatives of Serie A who will play in the Champions League have been determined. AC Milan and Inter Milan who are competing for the Scudetto title are sure to qualify.

Napoli, who are now in third place, will also appear in the Champions League. The fourth team from Serie A to qualify for the Champions League is Juventus. With two games remaining, Juventus are seven points clear of Lazio who are below them and are impossible to overtake.

16 Teams Qualify for Champions League 2022/2023

Update of 16 Teams That Have Definitely Qualified

  1. Manchester City (England)
  2. Liverpool (England)
  3. Real Madrid (Spain)
  4. Barcelona (Spain)
  5. AC Milan (Italy)
  6. Inter Milan (Italy)
  7. Napoli (Italy)
  8. Juventus (Italy)
  9. Bayern Munchen (German)
  10. Borussia Dortmund (German)
  11. Bayer Leverkusen (German)
  12. PSG (France)
  13. Porto (Portugal)
  14. Sporting CP (Portugal)
  15. FC Salzburg (Austria)
  16. Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
110th Berlin Six-Day Race 2022 postponed again Berlin

The 110th Berlin Six-Day Race 2022 Has Been Released…

The 110th edition of the world’s most traditional six-day race had to be postponed again. This was quoted at After a pandemic storm made the Six-Day Race event impossible in February 2022.

The Six-Day Race Event At The Velodrom 2nd Postponed
Announcement Of The Second Postponed 110th Berlin Six-Day Race

Postponing it into the summer amid the pandemic proved to be a viable option. With organizers now

The postponement of this six-day race event into the summer amid the pandemic proved to be a viable option. With organizers now having to push the date back due to ongoing planning uncertainty.

However, for the second time this event had to be postponed again. This is due to the ongoing upheaval between Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, the organizers had to postpone the six-day race event until January 2023.

Excerpt Valts Miltovics and Robert Förstemann statement on the postponement of the Six-Day Race

Valts Miltovics, managing director of the Berlin Six-Day Race
Valts Miltovics

Valts Miltovics, managing director of the Berlin Six-Day event, said:

Apart from the effects of the corona that are still evident, terrible pictures from Ukraine have been reaching us for almost ten weeks. The general economic impact of the pandemic and the unforeseen end of the war also. Greatly changed our frame conditions and had a major impact on planning security. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to postpone it again. As a new date, we have Scheduled 27 – 29 January 2023.

Robert Förstemann
source: CNN – Robert Förstemann

Robert Förstemann, sprinter also local Berlin hero said:

If we can’t drive in July, we’ll look forward to January even more. I think it’s great to try and make the six-day race in Berlin possible despite all the difficulties.

The support from our partners and the solidarity of the drivers has been tremendous. We are now fully working on our plans for January 2023,” said Valts Miltovics. The postponement also affected the youth competition.

The Six-Day Race Event At The Velodrom Has Had To Be Postponed Again

On six nights in a row, different combinations of two athletes compete. The races vary in speed and endurance, including a pacemaker race, sprint, and derby.

Originally, this competition consisted of many teams competing on six consecutive nights, each team consisting of two racers.

Different countries best runners compete against new runners at all of these competitions. Between races, a DJ performs on stage as part of the entertainment.

Tickets purchased are still valid during the 6-day tour of Berlin in January 2023. Otherwise, they will be refunded.

For each non-refundable ticket, 6 Days Berlin will donate 10 euros to the Ukrainian library.

Marc Marquez spanyol Events

Marc Marquez Calls the Spanish MotoGP Very Important, What’s…

Marc Marquez Calls the Spanish MotoGP Very Important, What’s the Reason?

Marc Marquez spanyol

In less than a week, Marc Marquez will be visiting Jerez again, the circuit where the Repsol Honda rider suffered a fatal crash last year that left him with a broken right arm and nine months out of MotoGP.

Returning to the race for the first time in MotoGP Portugal, Marquez appeared solid. He was able to finish seventh at the Algarve Circuit, which is considered one of the most difficult tracks.

Although the winner of six MotoGP titles returns to Portugal with preparations that cannot be considered ideal. Marquez did have time to try the Algarve Circuit a few weeks before, but with the RC213V-S.

Even during the weekend, the rider nicknamed The Baby Alien used a motor set-up based on Stefan Bradl’s RC213V. Although with a few changes, the vehicle is not entirely Marquez’s arrangement.

“Physically, I’ve recovered. Mentally, I’m focused on things to get more points. But I have to be careful, at least until next month. After that there will be time to train more intensely.”

While waiting for the Spanish MotoGP, The Baby Alien said he was satisfied with his performance in Portugal. He has no target other than trying to finish. As a result, Marquez became the best Honda rider in qualifying and racing.

“In terms of results, it was much better than we expected. Logically I want to win, but on the other hand I have to be realistic. I’m not 100 percent yet but there is progress,” said Marquez.

“It was an important step in my recovery, returning to MotoGP. We started from the sixth grid and I was able to hold on and finally finished seventh, 13 seconds behind the winner (Fabio Quartararo). So very positive in terms of performance.”

Wow! These are the five most frequent country meetings at the World Cup, which have the potential to happen again in Qatar 2022 Events

Wow! These are the five most frequent country every…

Wow! These are the five most frequent Countries which have the potential to happen again in The World Cup, Qatar 2022

Wow! These are the five most frequent country meetings at the World Cup, which have the potential to happen again in Qatar 2022

The World Cup draw could also result in a recent round or two in some of the World Cup’s most frequent country met. Which will feature like England-Germany with 9 meetings in all competitions and in the World Cup. Among them, Germany faced Argentina for the seventh time in all competitions as well as the World Cup.

The Netherlands could fall out with Argentina or Brazil for the sixth time in World Cup history. While thrilling encounters like Brazil-Mexico could also be on the menu again, also for the sixth time.

The Most Frequent Country Clashes

Only involving countries that have qualified for the potential clash in Qatar World Cup 2022.

1. England-German (9 times)

The frequent country in the first is England vs Germany In a total match, they have played 9 times and produced balanced results. Where England won 4 times and Germany was the same with 4 wins and one draw.

The most phenomenal moment was when Germany vs England in the 2010 World Cup-winning with a score of 4-1.

2. Argentina-Germany (7 times)

The second place for the frequent country always clash is Argentina vs Germany. Overall they met 7 times 3 times in the World Cup and 4 times in friendlies. Victory is still in the hands of Germany after defeating Argentina in the 2014 World Cup Final which made Argentina fail to win.

Argentina won with 3 wins while Germany only 2 and the remaining 2 were a draw with the biggest wins recorded 4-0 for Germany and 4-2 for Argentina.

3. Brazil-Mexico (6 times)

These two American teams but in different zones are World Cup subscription teams and they have met five times. Of the 6 matches, Brazil is still victorious with 4 wins.

That was inscribed by Brazil during their last meeting in Russia in 2018 when at that time they won 2-0. While Mexico was only able to win once in a friendly match in 2012.

4. Argentina-Netherlands (5 times)

They met in 5 World Cup matches with different editions and the longest recorded is the 1974 edition where the Netherlands triumphed by winning 4-0.

But Argentina took the lead in the penalty kick that ended for Messi and friends 4-2 celebration.

5. Brazil-Netherlands (5 times)

There have been a total of 5 meetings between them at the World Cup with the most recent being the 2014 World Cup.

The Netherlands unexpectedly triumphed with 3 wins and Brazil only 1 with one game resulting in a draw.


Argentina Benefited in the 2022 World Cup World Cup

Argentina Benefited in the 2022 World Cup? Here’s a…

Argentina Benefited in the 2022 World Cup? Here’s a great chance Lionel Messi’s squad can qualify for Group C

Argentina Benefited in the 2022 World Cup

FiFA has drawn for the World Cup 2022 and as a result, several groups have unique characteristics. Starting from Saudi Arabia on paper, this will be an easy opponent for Argentina.

Especially if you look at the performance of Saudi Arabia, which is not good at the international level and has the most distended ranking in Group C. Of course, the squad has not been able to match Lionel Messi and his friends.

Apart from Saudi Arabia, Argentina will face Poland in Group C. Maybe this country can be a little troublesome for Lionel Messi and his friends.

World Cup 2022 – Finalist Team Performance

However, if you refer to FIFA rankings, Poland’s ability is still far from Argentina. Especially coupled with Poland’s journey to the 2022 World Cup position, which had to go through the play-offs first and fortunately was able to pursue Sweden with a score of 1-0.

Saudi Arabia National Team. The Green Falcons or the Green Eagle, nicknamed the Saudi Arabian national team, are 4 of the representatives of the Asian zone who will automatically qualify for the Qatar 2022 world cup. The Qatar world cup is the sixth time that Saudi Arabia has participated in the biggest championship on earth.

Saudi Arabia qualified as group B winners in the third round of the Asian zone world cup qualifiers. Together with Japan, Saudi Arabia got a ticket to qualify for Qatar. Herve Denard’s side have only lost once in the qualifying group B, against Japan in February 2022. Then the Arabs made sure to qualify after winning in the last match against Australia 1-0.

The best stadium ever qualified for the last 16 at the 1994 world cup. Driven by captain Salman Al Faraj, almost all Saudi Arabian players were local league players in Saudi. So that observers rate this team as only a complementary team in group C.




six days berlin 2022 - event cycling Cycling

Biggest Cycling Event Six Days Race Berlin In Summer…

Cycling Event Six Day Berlin - First Day
Six Day Berlin – First Day – source:
Photo: Eloise Mavian /

Cycling Event The Six Days Summer 2022 runs from June 28 to July 3 at the Berlin Velodrom. Berlin’s biggest cycling event is divided into a triad of sporting which is eventsconcertsparties. Cycling stars on the track – Max Giesinger & Band and DJ tzi will be on stage.

The world’s most traditional six-day race is back. This Grand Event is being held for the first time during the summer from 28 June to 03 July 2022 located at the Velodrome Berlin.

Experience a unique blend of first-class cycling combined with party, music and entertainment.

Meanwhile, the first three days will be dedicated entirely to young cyclists’ races. From Friday to Sunday a professional cycling race between men and women. The atmospheric music from dance beats to sports palace waltzes is as traditional to Six-days as bratwurst, beer and of course our strawberry punch.

Tickets for this Grand Event are available starting today! Cycling Event Stars On Track

Advance ticket sales for the 110th edition of the world’s most traditional six-day cycling race have begun. Tickets for witness Berlin’s biggest cycling event now available at From 28 June to 3 July 2022, the top stars among men, women and young talent will compete against each other on the track of Berlin’s Velodrom stadium.

Apart from cycling, Six Day Berlin 2022 also offers much more. On Friday (July 1, 2022), DJ tzi will perform on the indoor concert stage. And On Saturday (July 2, 2022) Max Giesinger & Band will have an hour-long concert. After the two concerts, there will be celebrations until 03.00 the next morning. Tickets are valid for the 1st July event. When the professionals ride their bikes to race for the first place. Tickets for this event sell for between €25 and €65 in different categories.

Comments Valts Miltovics, Managing Director of Six Day Berlin: “This is unprecedented – a six-day cycling race in Berlin in the summer.The 110th edition of the world’s most famous Six Day race will be Berlin’s biggest summer cycling events. In addition to a great cycling program. It will be offers two top concerts plus lots of entertainment and fun until the early morning hours.

Cycling fans can look forward to the field of top riders. Olympic, world, and European champion Roy van den Berg has just confirmed. His sprint opponents include Robert Förstemann, Stefan Bötticher, and Tomas Babek.

In the first three days of the Six Day Summer 2022 Berlin, the focus is on youth and free admission.