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England are still favorites to win the 2022 World Cup despite being relegated in the UEFA Nations League

It is believed England the 2022 World Cup can still be one of the strong favorites to win despite their poor result in the UEFA Nations League.

England is undergoing a negative trend. A 0-1 loss to Italy last week saw Gareth Southgate’s men relegated from UEFA Nations League A.

In the last match, England The 2022 World Cup were held to a draw by Germany with a score of 3-3 in the final matchday of Group 3 UEFA Nations League A 2022/2023, early morning WIB.

This bad achievement also made many people doubt England’s chances of winning when they appeared in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from November to December.

Lothar Matthaus’ England Confidence Win the 2022 World Cup

Despite this poor result, England the 2022 World Cup still have a good chance of winning their second World Cup after last triumphing at home in 1966.

This belief was expressed by German football legend, Lothar Matthaus. According to him, the material for the Three Lions squad is still very good.

If you look at the names of the players, England is one of the favorites in England the 2022 World Cup. England and France can have three main teams, Matthaus told The Telegraph .

Problems in Goalkeeper England the 2022 World Cup

However, Matthaus said that one of the problems that could prevent England The 2022 World Cup from winning at the World Cup later was the absence of a good goalkeeper in their squad.

Fourth place in Russia. Euro final – they were getting closer to winning the title after 1966. But maybe they had a problem with the goalkeeper, said Matthaus.

They don’t have a goalkeeper like Germany. This can be a big problem. You need every player at the World Cup.”

England The 2022 World Cup Has The Advantage Was Played In The Middle Of The Current Season

Furthermore, Matthaus said that England The 2022 World Cup had the advantage because this World Cup was played in the middle of the current season, not at the end of the season as usual.

But I think it’s great especially for countries with long league championships without a winter break to play this England The 2022 World Cup during the season rather than at the end,” Matthaus said.

“You have so many games and one more [domestic] cup competition. This means the best players generally have between six and 10 more games than in Germany and Spain.”

Complete Results
League A Group 2

Czech Vs Portugal 0-4 (Dalot [33′, 52′], Bruno Fernandes 45+2′, Diogo Jota 82′)
Spain Vs Switzerland 1-2 (Alba 55′ Akanji 21′, Embolo 58′)
League B Group 1

Scotland vs Republic of Ireland 2-1 (Hendry 49′, Christie 82′-pen / Ega 18′)
League B Group 2

Israel vs Albania 2-1 (Weissman 46′, Baribo 90+2′ Uzuni 88′)
League B Group 4

Serbia vs Sweden 4-1 (Mitrovic [18′, 45+1′, 48′], Lukic 70′ / Claesson 15′)
League C Group 2

Cyprus vs Greece 1-0 (Tzionis 18′)

Doubtful but ferocious, this is the man who made England The 2022 World Cup a scene

The fate and names of players can become a byword or battered when they are in the World Cup zone . Including later in Qatar 2022, the public must have been waiting for who will shine, have a new name, even the latest selling price that is as high as the sky.

In the span of the history of the England The 2022 World Cup, there have been several moments that gave such signals. One of them is related to Pele .

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Not everyone agreed when Vicente Feola entered Pele’s name into the Brazil national team squad at the 1958 World Cup. One of them was Joao Carvalhaes, a psychologist for the Brazilian national team at that time.

Still small

He’s still a kid,” Carvalhaes said, reasoning, according to FourFourTwo. Not only that, Carvalhaes also had other reasons. “He doesn’t have the fighting spirit we need.”

Before leaving for Sweden, Feola got homework that was not light. He should be able to present the title, considering Brazil has not been the best since the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930.

At the 1950 World Cup, Brazil, which acted as the host, had the opportunity to make history. However, in the final, in front of thousands of supporters who packed the Maracana Stadium, they were humiliated by Uruguay 1-2

Swiss stage

Four years later, when the 1954 World Cup was held in Switzerland, Brazil collapsed in the quarter-finals. Therefore, at the 1958 World Cup, Brazil had to win and that was a fixed price for Feola.

Feola, full of salt as a tactician in Sao Paulo, built his fleet. One of the players he called up to the national team was a boy named Edson Arantes do Nascimento alias Pele.

Thus, Pele is among the big names like Mario Zagallo, Garrincha, Vava, and Nilton Santos. But, history then carved, the 1958 World Cup actually became a special stage for Pele.

Young Blood Sensation

Advancing to the final, Team Samba met host Sweden. Shown shiny, Brazil goal party with a convincing 5-2 victory. Pele, the boy who was in doubt yesterday afternoon, scored two goals.

His first goal in the 55th minute at the same time made Pele established himself as the youngest goalscorer in the highest four years: 17 years and 239 days. Previously, the record for the youngest goals was held by Mexican players, Manuel Rosas. Rosas was 18 years and 93 days old when he scored against Argentina in the 1930 World Cup.

Pele’s sensation in Sweden has been praised, not only in Brazil but across the world. Since then, Pele’s name has continued to fly and until this moment the record for the youngest goalscorer in England The 2022 World Cup is still in his name.

Youngest Printer

In addition, let’s see who are the youngest goalscorers on the World Cup stage:

Pelé (Brazil): 17 years, 239 days on 19 June 1958 vs Wales

Manuel Rosas (Mexico): 18 years, 93 days on 19 July 1930 vs Argentina

Michael Owen (England): 18 years, 190 days on 22 June 1998 vs Romania

Nicolae Kovács (Romania): 18 years, 197 days on 14 July 1930 vs Peru

Dmitry Sychev (Russia): 18 years, 231 days on 14 June 2002 vs Belgium

Lionel Messi (Argentina): 18 years, 357 days on 16 June 2006 vs Serbia

Julian Green (USA): 19 years, 25 days on 1 July 2014 vs Belgium

Divock Origi (Belgium): 19 years, 65 days on 22 June 2014 vs Russia

Martin Hoffmann (East Germany): 19 years, 88 days on 18 June 1974 vs Chile

Constantin Stanciu (Romania): 19 years, 92 days on 14 July 1930 vs Peru


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