BRI Liga 1 Results: Ramadhan Sananta Penalty to Persikabo Goal Makes PSM Steady at the Top of the Standings


BRI Liga 1 , PSM Makassar did not waste the momentum away from its competitors in the race for the BRI League 1 2022/2023 title. The team nicknamed Juku Eja won 1-0 at Persikabo 1973 headquarters, Thursday (9/3/2023). The single goal born from Ramadhan Sananta’s penalty in injury time was the winner for PSM at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor. These three additional points make PSM have 65 points from 29 matches. They are away from the pursuit of Persib Bandung, which only has 52 points. Because this week, Persib lost to Persik Kediri. That made PSM Makassar 13 points ahead and the team made by Bernardo Tavares opened up the opportunity to confirm the title before the competition was over.

Course of the Match

BRI Liga 1 From the game, PSM appeared with tight pressing in the early minutes. Even though they faced a team whose position was far below them, they did not underestimate Persikabo. PSM played as usual, waiting in their own area and then launched a counterattack. After only 4 minutes of the game, PSM had a chance through Yakob Sayuri’s long-range shot. Luckily the ball was saved by Persikabo goalkeeper, Tedi Heri. This opportunity also indicates the effectiveness of PSM’s attacks. When in control of the ball, Wiljan Pluim et al rarely lose the ball.

BRI Liga 1 Meanwhile, Persikabo had demonstrated ball possession. However, when entering PSM’s defense, they had difficulty finding golden opportunities. Even though PSM was not strengthened by two core defenders. Yuran Fernandes and Erwin Gutawa who were hit by card accumulation. Instead, defensive midfielder Akbar Tanjung was forced to be a stoper. He was accompanied by Safrudin Tahar and Agung Mannan. However, Persikabo 1973 could not break through the tight line of PSM’s local defenders. Because when they lose the ball, PSM’s defensive transition is very neat. Only in the 33rd minute, Persikabo had a chance through Pedro Hendrique’s hard kick. However, BRI Liga 1 the ball was right in the arms of the PSM goalkeeper, Reza Arya.

BRI Liga 1 39 minutes, Persikabo has a golden opportunity. Yandi Sofyan’s action dismantled PSM’s back line meeting. After hitting the ball, he fired a shot at the far post. But the ball was again pushed over by Reza Arya. PSM responded with Yance Sayuri’s hard kick from outside the penalty box in the 42nd minute. But the ball was also blocked by Tedi Heri. Practically two coaches made quite a few important saves in the first half. So the score lasted 0-0 until halftime.

Round II

BRI Liga 1 In the second half, the two teams increased their aggressiveness. Especially PSMS. They want to break the deadlock first. However, some of the pressure exerted could still be stopped by Persikabo’s back line. 60 minutes, PSM adds power banging. Coach Bernardo Tavares included Indonesian national team striker, Ramadhan Sananta. He entered to replace Kenzo Nambu who plays as a midfielder. BRI Liga 1 So, PSM reduced the number of midfielders to increase the composition of the front line. Evidence that Juku Spell is not satisfied with a goalless draw.

BRI Liga 1 But until the middle of the second half, there was no effect from the change in player composition made by PSM. Precisely Persikabo again can play ball possession to reduce the tempo. Persikabo took advantage of PSM’s reduced midfield to take control of the game. BRI Liga 1 Two opportunities were created by Bruno Dybal and Pedro Hendrique, but none of them finished towards the PSM goal.

BRI Liga 1 In 89 minutes, PSM entered three players at once. A naturalized striker, Donald Bissa is one of them. The Ivory Coast-born striker made a direct contribution. BRI Liga 1 In a dead ball situation, his header touched the hand of Persikabo midfielder Bruno Dybal in the penalty box. This penalty decision was met with strong protests from the Persikabo players. BRI Liga 1 However, the Referee, Sance Lawita, still gave a penalty to PSM. Ramadhan Sananta, who is running as executor, can complete his duties. This goal gave victory to PSM. Because there is no time for Persikabo to equalize.

Player lineup

  • Persikabo 1973 (3-4-1-2) : Tedi Heri (goalkeeper); Didik Wahyu, Lucas Gama, Andy Setyo (back); Komarudin, Roni – Sugeng, Manahati Lestusen, Lucky Octavianto: Bruno Dybal (center); Yandi Sofyan, Pedro Hendrique (front).
  • Trainer: Aidil Sharin Sahak
  • PSM Makassar (4-4-2) : Reza Arya (goalkeeper); Safrudin Tahar, Akbar Tanjung, Agung Mannan (back); Yakob Sayuri, – M. Arfan, Ananda Alief, Yance Sayuri, Kenzo Nambu (center); Wiljan Pluim, Everton Nascimento (front).
  • Coach: Bernardo Tavares

Only Winning Through Penalty Goals Against Persikabo in BRI Liga 1, PSM Coach Admits Players Are Fatigue

BRI Liga 1 PSM Makassar won 1-0 over Persikabo 1973 in Week 29 of the BRI League 1 2022/2023 which was held at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Thursday (09/03/2023). Coach Bernardo Tavares, was not completely satisfied with these results. BRI Liga 1 PSM Makassar beat Persikabo 1973 through Ramadhan Sananta’s penalty goal (90+6′). Throughout the match, PSM seemed to have difficulty penetrating Persikabo’s defense.

BRI Liga 1 Coach Bernardo Tavares considered that this game was one of the worst shown by PSM Makassar. BRI Liga 1 Bernardo Tavares argued the players were tired. “We could have done better. In my opinion, this match was one of our worst performances,” said Bernardo Tavares after the game.

Start Out of Gasoline

BRI Liga 1 Coach Bernardo Tavares claims PSM Makassar is the busiest team in the BRI Liga 1. Not only do they have to travel four hours on land at home, PSM also has to use airplanes for away games. “I think we are the club that has played the most matches this year. So far, we are also the team that has traveled more than any other team,” said Bernardo Tavares.

“All away matches require us to board a plane and our home matches also require a four-hour road trip from Makassar to Parepare.” “Plus our match schedule is very tight,” said the Portuguese coach.

Say Thank You

Coach Bernardo Tavares also did not forget to thank the PSM Makassar supporters for their loyal support. According to Tavares, the fans had a big part in his team’s victory. “I have to thank our supporters. They came to support us from the first to the last minute,” said Bernardo Tavares. “My players showed extra sacrifice and energy and this is from the support of our fans too,” said Bernardo Tavares.

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Choose Thankful

Meanwhile, PSM Makassar midfielder, Ananda Raehan, said he was satisfied with the narrow victory over Persikabo 1973. According to Ananda Raehan, this victory was achieved thanks to the hard work of all the players. “Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful for the victory. This is the result of the team’s hard work and thanks to the fans who want to support us,” said Ananda Raehan. The three additional points made PSM stronger at the top of the BRI Liga 1 standings. The club nicknamed Juku Eta is now packing 65 points or 13 points ahead of Persib Bandung in second place.

BRI League 1 Match Prediction, Barito Putera vs Persebaya: Beware! Don’t Underestimate the Host

Barito Putera will have a tough match in Week 29 of the BRI League 1 2022/2023. They are scheduled to host Persebaya Surabaya at the Demang Lehman Stadium, Banjarbaru, Thursday (09/03/2023) afternoon. The home team itself is still struggling to be able to compete in League 1. Barito Putera is only in 17th place in the standings with 25 points from six wins, seven draws and 14 losses in 27 matches. Plus, they couldn’t play three players due to being banned from matches. Each of them is Mike Ott and Gustavo Tocantins who have accumulated yellow cards. One other player, Muhammad Firly, received a red card in the last match against Persik Kediri.

Barito Putera’s coach, Rahmad Darmawan, did not discourage his team from being able to perform at full strength. He is ready to secure three points against Persebaya. Barito Putera’s coach, Rahmad Darmawan, did not discourage his team from being able to perform at full strength. He is ready to secure three points against Persebaya. “Persebaya has added several quality players and can improve their performance. I think we can still overcome this with the confidence and motivation of the players, because in football the main component is tactics and playing strategy,” he added.

The last 3 matches, Persebaya without a win

On the other hand, Persebaya itself is also in an effort to pursue victory. They have gone through the last three games without a win. “We will try our best to get at least one point. However, if a player can get three points it is much better,” said Aji Santoso. “But if our players can do what I instruct properly, fighting spirit is maintained, playing with heart, it is possible for us to get three three points,” he said.

Persebaya is superior

Coming as a guest, Persebaya is arguably more favored. This is because the City of Heroes team is far above Barito Putera. Bajul Ijo is now ranked eighth in the standings with 38 points from 11 wins, five draws and nine defeats in 25 matches. “All the players are in good condition, including Supriadi, who has not been in the line-up for several matches. All 22 players we have brought are in good condition,” said Aji Santoso.

Don’t Underestimate Barito Putera

Various conditions show that Persebaya will be able to steal full points. Barito Putera had struggled to accept many defeats. Not to mention, the home team can’t play three mainstay players. However, Barito Putera is still a team that should not be underestimated. Laskar Antasari had a chance to surprise by winning 2-1 against Persib Bandung (27/2/2023). The figure of Rahmad Darmawan will also make them able to give another surprise.

Player lineup predictions

Barito Putera (4-3-3): Setya Beny (goalkeeper); Bagas Kaffa, Yuswanto Aditya, Renan Alves, Aditya Putra Dewa (back); Bayu Pradana, Exel Runtukahu, Ryota Noma (center); Rizky Pora, Nazar Nurzaidin, Kahar Muzakkar (front).

Coach: Rahmad Darmawan.

Persebaya Surabaya (4-3-3): Ernando Ari (goalkeeper); Koko Araya, Leo Lelis, Rizky Ridho, Catur Pamungkas (back); M. Hidayat, Alwi Slamat, Ze Valente (center); Mochammad Supriadi, Paulo Victor, Sho Yamamoto.

Persija’s Chances of Winning the 2022/2023 BRI League 1 Are Dwindling, Thomas Doll Highlights Individual Player Errors

Persija Jakarta’s chances of becoming the BRI League 1 2022/2023 champion are dwindling. The Kemayoran Tigers team suffered a 1-3 defeat at Borneo FC Samarinda headquarters, Wednesday (8/3/2023) evening WIB. Muhammad Sihran, Stefano Lilipaly, and Matheus Pato were the scorers for the Etam Pesut Team in that match. Meanwhile, Persija’s only reply goal was scored by Osvaldo Haay in the 78th minute. The defeat has kept Persija Jakarta in third place in the 2022/2023 BRI Liga 1 temporary standings. Hansamu Yama et al. has 51 points.

The defeat has kept Persija Jakarta in third place in the 2022/2023 BRI Liga 1 temporary standings. Hansamu Yama et al. has 51 points. Persija Jakarta coach , Thomas Doll, regretted the defeat. Especially after he saw the many individual mistakes made by his players. “This is a game we can show away from home. We had a hard time winning because we made a lot of individual mistakes,” said Thomas Doll.

Cannot Take Advantage of Opportunities

The German coach felt that Persija could have turned things around, but could not be put to good use. In fact, in that match Persija had created several dangerous opportunities. Apart from that, Thomas Doll also considered that Borneo FC Samarinda did not play optimally in the second half. He said Pieter Huistra’s squad was exhausted. “Actually, when we scored the goal, I saw that Borneo FC had reached the point of exhaustion. But we couldn’t take advantage of that,” said Thomas Doll.

Keep Repeating

Furthermore, Thomas Doll feels that individual mistakes are always repeated this season. Unfortunately, these mistakes have had an impact on Persija Jakarta often losing points in important matches. The former Borussia Dortmund coach then brought up what happened to Persija in the previous matches. Including against Persis Solo, Persib Bandung, and Bhayangkara FC. “This mistake always happens, just like the defeats to Persis, Persib and Bhayangkara. So this doesn’t surprise me,” he said.


The captain of Persija Jakarta, Andritany Ardhiyasa, admitted that currently Persija Jakarta is in a difficult position to win the title. The points gap between Persija and PSM Makassar is too far. Moreover, BRI League 1 2022/2023 will soon enter its final weeks. Persija Jakarta only leaves seven more matches this season. “To be honest, we want to catch PSM at the top of the standings. We want to be champions. But losing these three points makes it even more difficult for us to become champions,” said Andritany.


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