Former West Virginia striker Jalen Bridges has left the Mountaineers Basket Ball

Former West Virginia striker Jalen Bridges has left the…

Former West Virginia striker Jalen Bridges has left the Mountaineers

Jalen Bridges has left the Mountaineers - Former West Virginia striker

Morgantown, West Virginia announced – Jalen Bridges has left the Mountaineers and entering a transfer portal. Former West Virginia striker says he won’t be playing 2022 – 2023.

During the time with Mountaineers last season. Bridges came as Morgantown striker has been ranked the top player in West Virginia around the 2019 recruiting cycle. Reported by a high four-star rating of the 247Sports Composite. Currently, it has been contacted by the school. All of them asking to land the second-class talented player.

WVU Forward Jalen Bridges Enters Transfer Portal Now

Bridges moved into the starting lineup halfway through the 2020-21 season after Oscar Tshiebwe left. Bridges really helped the Mountaineers strengthen their new lineup mid-season. As they secured the 3rd seed in the 2021 NCAA Tournament. The Fairmont, WV original played 61 games in two seasons at Morgantown with 52 starts.

Bridges, a Fairmont native, spent three years at WVU, playing in two seasons and 61 games. The 6-foot-7 forward averaged all point is 8.4 points,

  • Rebounds point 4.8
  • Assists point 0.8
  • Steals point 1.0
  • Blocks point 0.7

All through 33 games this past season.

He is averaging 7.3 points per game. With a career high of 22 points against TCU in March 2021 and again this January against Oklahoma State.

Bridges has heard of the following schools, according to National Basketball Analyst, Travis Branham: Arkansas, Wake Forest, Ohio State, NC State, Texas A&M, Michigan State, Kansas State, DePaul, Oklahoma State, Penn State, Pitt, Minnesota, Florida South, the States of San Diego and Loyola.

For the record, Jalen Bridges has had 35 scholarship offers coming from high school. Of the many offers that come. Former West Virginia striker is the fourth scholarship player to leave the Mountaineer program this season. Joining Isaiah Cotrell, Taj Thweatt and Seny Ndiaye. Now, Bridges will have a long list of other colleges to choose from.


Isaiah Cottrell Plans About Leaving West Virginia Basket Ball

Isaiah Cottrell Plans About Leaving West Virginia

Isaiah Cottrell Berencana Meninggalkan West Virginia

Isaiah Cottrell Berencana Meninggalkan West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – After it was announced that new red-shirt striker Isaiah Cottrell was leaving West Virginia and entering a transfer portal, he went live on Instagram to answer questions and interact with fans.

Cottrell said his reasons for leaving had nothing to do with the NIL deal and he has repeatedly said he was “unhappy.”

Cottrell, who said he hadn’t thought in a million years. that he will keep going, maintaining his abilities when lovers call him “soft” and “slow.”

“Yes, I was slow at the start of the season because I was still injured. But I’m not slow now,” Cottrell said. “I didn’t give up on the team at any point this season.”

Cottrell also admits he hasn’t shot well this season, but added, “I got 32% from three points. That is th. my first and i track tofu.

Cottrell alluded to being dissatisfied with playing and being played out of position.

“I’ve never played with my back to the basket in my life and I’m not 5 (middle). And there are a lot of games that I don’t get to play.”

Cottrell said he had 15 schools contacted him with offers this afternoon since he announced them and wasn’t sure which schools he was interested in.

“West Virginia have the best lovers but you have to do what you have to do. I have four full seasons left and I’m excited about the future,” added Cottrell.

West Virginia Mountaineers football again suffers heavy losses Basket Ball

West Virginia Mountaineers football again suffers heavy losses

West Virginia Mountaineers football again suffers heavy losses

West Virginia Mountaineers football again suffers heavy losses

Morgantown, West Virginia – The West Virginia Mountaineers soccer program suffered another heavy loss when cornerback Nicktroy Fortune left the team and entered the transfer portal.

Former West Virginia offensive midfielder Parker Moorer, who transferred to East Carolina University last season, reposted Fortune’s transfer announcement and simply said “Free” in his message.

In addition, Josh Chandler-Semedo, who also recently left West Virginia and entered a transfer portal, retweeted Moorer’s message.

The Mountaineers have now lost 8 starters – Winston Wright, Jarret Doege, Jackie Matthews, Sean Ryan, Isaiah Esdale, Daryl Porter, Josh Chandler-Semedo and Nicktroy Fortune – since last season.

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable Basket Ball

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable

Silence From Neal Brown and Shane Lyons Unacceptable


Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia has been too devastated on the transfer portal in Neal Brown’s three seasons with the Mountaineers.

Over the past three seasons, West Virginia has lost 42 players to the transfer portal and gained 10 players. Whichever way you look at it, it’s shocking.

While an argument can be made that some of these players weren’t starters who didn’t do big at their new school, it’s important to remember that depth is very important to a soccer program.

In addition, the Mountaineers have now lost 8 starters – Winston Wright, Jarret Doege, Jackie Matthews, Sean Ryan, Isaiah Esdale, Daryl Porter, Josh Chandler-Semedo and Nicktroy Fortune – since last season.

However, the quality of the players should not be questioned anymore. These are players who were recruited to attend West Virginia University and play for the Mountaineers, but in the end it’s the quantity, not the quality of the players that matters.

While red-shirt senior offensive midfielder James Gmiter explained that “We’re going to win with the people who want to be here” laudable and inspiring, replacing eight starters and a few key reserves would be too challenging (impossible?) for West Virginia.

Director of Athletics Shane Lyons and Head Coach Neal Brown just raised their hands and explained that “it happens everywhere” is dishonest and unfair. While the transfer portal has changed every team in the country, it hasn’t had the tremendous negative impact it has had on West Virginia, and it’s important that both Brown and Lyons acknowledge that there is a problem and discuss why it happened.

What is NIL? Is that Morgantown? Is that the culture of the football program? Is it the weather? What’s that?

Silence and lack of answers are commensurate with refusal, and denying that there is a problem is unacceptable. West Virginia presided over the Big 12 Conference and was one of the nation’s leaders in transfers, and this happened during times of “stability,” not during coaching changes or transitions.

Neal Brown has had three full seasons, which is an eternity in collegiate athletics, and there has been no improvement on or off the field. The reasons for Brown’s failure are old and exhausting. We deserve honest and real answers to the tough questions every West Virginia fan has for Neal Brown and Shane Lyons.

West Virginia defeat to Kansas Basket Ball

West Virginia defeat to Kansas

West Virginia defeat to Kansas

West Virginia defeat to Kansas

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia Mountaineers beaten early, down 22-4 after ten minutes into play and never looking to come from the hole, lost 87-63 to top seeded Kansas Jayhawks in round 2 of the Big 12 Conference Tournament .

The referee was bad, but that’s not why West Virginia lost.

Bob Huggins is right, the referee is bad and understands one-sidedness to start the game, but a bad referee has nothing to do with today’s loss. Kansas is a really good team. The differences in athleticism and talent between Kansas and Mountaineers are no longer true.

But talent and athleticism aren’t the only things that make Kansas so much better than West Virginia. They understand how to win games and mountaineers don’t understand this season. West Virginia could play its best game and Kansas its worst, and Kansas could still get the move to win.

This is the most disliked Mountaineers basketball team in a long time.

Throughout this long, harrowing and disappointing season, it was perhaps the least exciting team to watch in a really long time in West Virginia. While Gabe Osabuohien and Pauly Paulicap occasionally showcase the stimulus and stimulus that Bob Huggins’ team has, {some|most|more than one} player on the team is quite difficult to deploy.

West Virginia may not be able to play again this year this

West Virginia might be invited to play in the CBI (College Basketball Invitational), the third-best postseason tournament in college basketball, but Bob Huggins probably doesn’t want to prolong this miserable season again.

Not worthy of th. 2019, as Huggins brought his young and stimulating team to CBI, seizing a veterans group didn’t really add much to the future of the basketball program.

Bob Huggins has a lot of work to do.

This has been one of the most important offseasons for Bob Huggins since arriving at Morgantown. Almost all of his top scorers and rebounders left. Taz Sherman, Gabe Osabuohien, Malik Curry, Pauly Paulicap and Dimon Carrigan are all missing. Sean McNeil could potentially return for another season, but he recently stated that he wasn’t sure if that was something he wanted to do. On top of that, Jalen Bridges looks downright unhappy at the end of the season and it can’t be a surprise unless he counts on a move.

Huggins could possibly bring back Kedrian Johnson (who might return), Seth Wilson, James Okonkwo, Isaiah Cottrell, Jamel King and Kobe Johnson along with a bunch of freshmen and players from the transfer portal. At best, add Jalen Bridges and Sean McNeil to that list, and it’s still a total let down.

Bob Huggins has a lot of work to do to fix it.

So Stupid and Embarrassing By Bob Huggins About Oscar Tshiebwe Basket Ball

So Stupid and Embarrassing By Bob Huggins About Oscar…

So Stupid and Embarrassing By Bob Huggins About Oscar Tshiebwe

So Stupid and Embarrassing By Bob Huggins About Oscar Tshiebwe

Morgantown, West Virginia – As the West Virginia Mountaineers 11-1 to start the season, Bob Huggins is proud to announce that his team understands there is no need for Oscar Tshiebwe.

“We lost the alleged McDonald’s All-American because he didn’t like the fact that we made him do the hard things,” Huggins said of Tshiebwe. “So we’re fine.”

As it turned out, the Mountaineers looked like they weren’t doing well at all.

After coming from a losing streak, West Virginia finished the season 16-17 overall and in the final area of ​​the Conference Big 12 with a score of 4-14. In addition, the Mountaineers are one of the worst rebounding teams in the entire country.

On the other hand, Oscar Tshiebwe, the supposed McDonald’s All-American that Huggins cited, went on to lead his Kentucky Wildcats to a 26-7 record when he generally 17.0 points and 15.1 rebounds the country’s best per game. In addition, Tshiebwe has been named the SEC’s Player of the Year and will almost certainly win the John Wooden Award for National Basketball Player of the Year.

Come to think of it, Huggins’ comments about Tshiebwe were both embarrassing and wrong.

To begin with, Oscar Tshiebwe is not the alleged McDonald’s All-American. He’s a McDonald’s All-American! How dare Huggins confiscate the great honor he had earned from him.

Second, have you ever heard a college coach (or any coach for that matter!) say anything negative about an ex-player? This is so unheard of! Coaches wish their former players all the best and continue what they have. Not Huggins. He took time to laugh about how he didn’t need Tshiebwe, that Tshiebwe didn’t work hard enough, that Tshiebwe wasn’t as good as others thought, etc.

And after that Oscar Tshiebwe came out and proved that he’s not only good, he’s the best player in the whole country.

It’s easy to dismiss this as a West Virginia lover and make Tshiebwe a lazy, crying baby, prima donna, but the truth is he’s not one of those things. He was the best recruit Bob Huggins ever (or ever will) at West Virginia University.

When Oscar Tshiebwe was asked about Huggins’ comments on him, rather than stooping down to Huggins’ level, he took the high ground and praised his former head coach.

“He’s a great coach,” Tshiebwe said of Huggins. “And I understand I’m always working harder, and I’m always trying to be better. Just because things aren’t going well doesn’t mean you’re quitting. I can’t say anything about Bob Huggins, who is a great coach, who coached me and did everything for me and tried to help me.”

It is unfortunate that a 21 year old with limited English is more articulate and professional than a 68 year old with 40 years of experience in this sport.

Bob Huggins Kicked Out of Kansas Game Basket Ball

Bob Huggins Kicked Out of Kansas Game

Bob Huggins Kicked Out of Kansas Game

Kansas City, Missouri – Trailing 19-4 in the first half of the second round of the Last 12 Conference Tournament, West Virginia’s Taz Sherman cruised into the basket and was aware of being fouled by two separate Kansas defenders.

Unfortunately, the foul was not executed and Bob Huggins actually lost it at the hands of the referee, along with being quickly judged for two technical fouls and sent off.

Huggins’ longtime assistant Larry Harrison can now lead the team for the remainder of the game.

Morgantown, West Virginia Football

Country Roads Trust Gives $1 Million to JT Daniels…

Morgantown, West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – This is all the world we live in. Global college athletics has changed dramatically over the past few seasons and like it or not, college athletes are being paid a sizable amount.

West Virginia Mountain residents have finished the 2021-2022 season with a disappointing 6-7 scoreline. With some of the key players graduating or leaving the program to enter the transfer portal, Neal Brown will need to replace a large part of his roster.

Even though it was West Virginia that had some of the most talented and stable young midfielders (Nicco Marchiol, Garrett Greene, Will “Goose” Crowder), they were all completely inexperienced and the Mountain community couldn’t afford to rebuild years. this. Winning the season opener in the Backyard Brawl against Pitt was absolutely necessary for the future of the football program, and Neal Brown couldn’t take this lightly. Starting Marchiol, Greene or Crowder in such a necessary game is really risky.

On the other hand, the Mountaineers would be much better off playing experienced quarterbacks who wouldn’t be distracted by the pressure of the game.

Enter JT Daniels.

Daniels, a 6’3 junior, is a former five-star quarterback and played for new West Virginia offensive coordinator Graham Harrell at USC as a freshman. Daniels would be the perfect transitional quarterback to step in and start for the Mountaineers as the team’s young quarterback develops.

He played in the big PAC 12 and SEC games in front of some of the biggest audiences in college football. His Georgia Bulldogs won the th national championship. then. He’d seen and done it all, and a game against the Pitt Panthers wouldn’t worry him in the slightest.

Giving players $1 million dollars seems harsh and unrealistic, but at the end of the day, this is what it takes to compete with the other top programs in the country.

Daniels has had former offensive coordinator at USC, Graham Harrell, in West Virginia in a similar position, and he knows he has familiarity with Harrell’s foul. Shifting Daniels $1 million to come in and be the starting quarterback would seal the deal and be totally worthy of the soccer program.

West Virginias Huge Win Against Kansas State Basket Ball

Quick Response Following West Virginia’s Big Win Against Kansas…

Kansas City, Missouri – The West Virginia Mountaineers live to see another day and need to beat the Kansas State Wildcats 73-67 in the opening round of the Big 12 Conference Tournament.

West Virginias Huge Win Against Kansas State

So there’s been a few some more of one big tournament this season where mountaineers seem pretty unconcerned as to whether they can help the players win or lose. Tonight – with a season that was too crucial they could put their mental and physical abilities on the line – there was some more of a real urgency.

Seniors Sean McNeil and Malik Curry in particular had very strong performances and it looked like they were refusing to let loose an opponent they wanted to lose tonight. McNeil had his best game in a long time, finishing with 21 points with 7-10 from the field and 3-5 from a three-point gap. Malik Curry was aggressive into the basket, giving 17 points off the bench.

West Virginia next shot the ball together well.

Mountaineers recorded 28-53 coming from the field (53%), 6-16 (38%) coming from three-point distances and 11-14 (79%) coming from foul lines. If they shoot like that, West Virginia can beat anyone at the conference.

One win back could change the entire West Virginia season.

Beating Kansas tomorrow in the 2nd round could completely erase all the disappointments of this extremely frustrating season. Therefore, it would take an extraordinary amount of effort by the Mountaineers to defeat the top-ranked Jayhawks.

But, on neutral court and with their backs against the wall, West Virginia can certainly pull off a big shock, especially unless they run like they did at the end of the 2nd half of tonight’s game.

Mountaineers who can play Kansas tomorrow at 15:00 in the 2nd round of the Big 12 Conference Tournament.

Tyson Bagent News

West Virginia Shepherd Could Get A Special Player On…

West Virginia - Shepherd Counterback Tyson Bagent
West Virginia – Shepherd Quarterback Tyson Bagent

Shepherd university as West Virginia basketball match against Oklahoma State this evening, Mountaineers soccer coach Neal Brown had quite a special guest with him.

Tyson Bagent, the 6’3 quarterback who clinched victory and the Division II National Player of the Year award for Shepherd Rams University last season, but sat next to Brown and offensive midfielder Doug Nester, cheered for the mountaineers.

Bagent had recently entered a transfer portal season. But later admitted that he loved living at Shepherd too much unless. “Nick Saban came knocking on his door to offer him a scholarship”, he said. Although Bagent did not mention Neal Brown at the time.

He was originally from Martinsburg West Virginia, and had dreamed of representing the state by playing for the Mountaineers on his whole life. Bagent who became a starter three years become atlet. The over experienced can be able to jump right in and start for West Virginia. When the young quarterback has talent already on the growing roster.

Bagent has been outstanding throughout his career at Shepherd, passing 12,454 yards, 118 touchdowns and just 40 interceptions, usually 327.7 yards per game. All that performance his have in three full seasons with the Rams.

Tyson Bagent’s Achievement on Sheperd university

Bagent’s most impressive game of the 2021 season came against East Stroudsburg. Where he scored 27/45 for 437 yards, 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, and Shepherd 30-8 with Bagent as an early quarterback Shepherd.

In addition to winning the Harlon Hill Trophy, Bagent was also named Division II Offensive Player of the Year. Bagent also was added to the Division II Elite 100 First Team, and was part of the Associated Press Division II All-American First Team.

At Martinsburg High School, Bagent led the Bulldogs to two state championships, 7,800 yards and 112 goals. He was unfortunately ignored by the head coach of the Mountaineers, Dana Holgorsen. Who did not make the recruitment of domestic players a real priority.

Expect Bagent to visit the campus and its facilities tomorrow. Where he meet the coaches and decide to commit into Mountaineering more than one day. The chances of him playing for West Virginia next season are very, very good now!