8 Unique Things In Qatar, Doha for Sports Adrenaline junkie


Qatar is a paradise for adventurers and adrenaline junkie! Not bad for a walk with family or friends in your spare time for the World Cup big football match in November 2022.
This country has everything from desert adventures to thrills in crystal-clear waters and warm summer air. There are many guides available to provide an experience for all.

One of the countries with no taxes on anything, free housing, and public amenities, and very easy to find high-paying jobs. No doubt this makes Qatar the happiest country on Earth. How does it feel to be a native of that country? For sure we will never have trouble living. You want something because you have money too. Plus the level of corruption there is very low. It just makes you happier when you think about it.

Desert Excursions & Dune Bashing at Khor Al-Adaid – Qatar


It is about two hours drive from the capital city. Its location in the south of the country of Qatar is the ticket for anyone who wants a complete desert experience! Collected from your accommodation.

Next, the passengers are taken to the dunes in a large SUV. Learn the skills of local drivers as they make a career in the dunes. The skill of navigating the difficult terrain is simply amazing. Travelers will feel an adrenaline rush as they race through the sand, sometimes feeling as though the car is on ice as it slides sideways down an incline.

Sandboarding, camel riding and even swimming in the bustling inland sea. Known to locals as Khor Al-Adaid, are all highly recommended. End the trip by fully immersing yourself in Bedouin culture. And appreciating the famous Qatari hospitality on the shores of Mesaieed Beach. Relax in a traditional-style Bedouin tent. Enjoy a cup of tea and local dishes before heading back to town.

Hike & Climb in Dahl Al Misfir – Qatar

This second Sightseeing location can be accessed in just under an hour from Doha. Dahl Al Misfir is a great adventure place for the whole family. Free to enter! This ancient sinkhole is stunning and beautiful. Thought to have formed between 325,000 and 500,000 years ago, explorers can climb 40 meters into its depths.

Enjoy the natural phenomenon of glow that causes rock surfaces to emit an otherworldly glow. As you venture further into the darkness. You will find the uneven terrain challenging. Adrenaline junkie will scramble and climb boulders of various sizes. So it is advisable to use appropriate footwear.

Be sure to avoid migratory birds such as nightjars and wagtails. which are known to nest in soft limestone en route to and from Africa!

EsQalar – Qatar Rock Climbing

Don’t underestimate the Qatar Landscape. Many people think that Qatar’s desert landscape only offers sand dunes. A location shaped by desert winds.

The unique rock formations located in northwestern Qatar’s Zekreet National Park are the perfect challenge for the keen adrenaline junkie. With over 10 different routes to tackle, each with its own puzzle to solve, you won’t be disappointed!

There are also options for the less serious hiker. EsQalar at Aspire Zone Doha offers all the thrills and health benefits of rock climbing. But with less sand and more safety mats. They cater to all abilities and ages, offering trial sessions and classes for children.

Skydiving at the Um Al Shkot Airport – Qatar

Skydive Qatar is a world-class, high-adrenaline skydiving facility and is loved by adrenaline junkie. Enjoy the sport of skydiving at an altitude of 12,000 feet. We offer Tandem Skydiving, the AFF training program, with modern facilities and accompanied by our experienced jumpers.

The facility is based 40km north of Doha at Um Al Shkot Airport. A team of world-class international skydiving instructors is trained to create a friendly and safe environment for both beginners and experienced jumpers.

Adrenaline junkie will parachute and can enjoy a minute of freefall. Followed by a decent five minutes in peace. Spend your time enjoying all that Qatar has to offer from the sky.

This is not an activity for the faint of heart or for travelers on a budget. However, for the true adrenaline junkie, there is no word for such a thing!


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City Water sports at Khor Al-Adaid – Qatar


Qatar is a hidden gem city when it comes to water sports. Visitors would be forgiven for not knowing where to start with the sheer number of options available. There is a wide variety of water entertainment available. Whether it’s surfing, sailing, wakeboarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, or paddleboarding, the beaches around Doha are filled with helpful guides.

Head to the Corniche or Aspire Zone of Doha to enjoy water sports in your city! If you want to dive, you can also sign up for an ocean outing exploring coastal shipwrecks, marine life in Khor Al-Adaid, and coral reefs south of Doha.

As a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian sea and blessed with sunny weather all year round, Qatar is an ideal location for water sports. In winter when temperatures average 26 degrees, the country’s crystal clear beaches, water parks, and marinas invite everyone to try new activities and experiences. In summer, you can catch the sun and wind on the most beautiful beaches.

This is a place that you should visit and explore. How to spend free time, to turn it into an unforgettable experience.

Kayak in Al Thakira Mangroves Qatar

This white mangrove forest is accessible by kayak from Al-Thakira Marina in the northern city of Al-Khor. Located just over an hour’s drive north of Doha, not far from the town of Al Khor, the single best way to explore the Al Thakira Mangrove is by kayak. Don’t miss the chance to visit these unique coastal marshes if you have time. Although guided tours are available, they are not a requirement and there is no entry fee.

These mangroves are home to an unexpected variety of birds, including flamingos and a new species of sea slug. A surprising contrast to the expansive view of the dunes. Al Thakira is a welcoming sanctuary from beautiful clear green waters. Rowing is easy for new adventurers and easily accessible for the inexperienced. Kayak through its narrow waterways lined with tangled roots, photograph the birds and marine life that make the mangroves their home, and soak up the serenity.

At the end of this channel or the end of the route stop at a secluded and enchanting mangrove beach. Al Thakira Beach is just a very short kayak ride away. This location is the perfect way to end the day. Relax on the white sand, and enjoy a well-deserved rest.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Fly in a hot air balloon and let Qatar reveal its beauty. It’s all about watching the sunrise through a hot air balloon. See Qatar from an altitude perspective like never before by taking to the skies with one of Doha’s hot air balloon operators.

Enjoy hot air balloon flights with a maximum of 10 people adrenaline junkie per flight. To get the maximum experience. In order to plan a successful trip, travelers should prepare their itinerary in advance.

The journey that starts in the morning can enjoy a stunning view of the sunrise over the city of Doha – Qatar. The trip usually lasts about an hour and can be the perfect place for a romantic trip or a group outing.

The annual Qatar Balloon Festival is scheduled for late November, to coincide with the Qatar Football World Cup 2022. A dazzling spectacle, the kaleidoscope of colorful balloons will become a must-visit for foreign tourists to the country of Qatar.

Rocky Routes Cycling

Cycling style revolution With Adrenaline Challenging Rocky Tracks. Qatar will soon have a dedicated bicycle lane of 2,000 kilometers long. This bike path is arguably the longest in the world when compared to those in Europe. Britain, for example, only has a 300-kilometer track, as written by the news site

Qatar has supported the sport in recent years. The country of the emirs has also set up bicycle lanes for hundreds of kilometers in Doha City. And all these routes can connect it to any number of countries. You can visit the Qatar Chain Reaction cycling group for information on the best routes and recreational cycling rides.

Mountain biking is also popular in the north of the country Qatar. There is a rocky terrain perfect for the adrenaline junkie. Cyclists can take the rocky route near Zekreet and the UNESCO designated Al Reem biosphere. Other bicycle-accessible sightseeing opportunities in the area include Richard Serra’s acclaimed East-West/West-East installation.



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