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6 New Rules in Football: Apart from 5 Substitutions, what else?


The governing body of world football, IFAB recently inaugurated six new rules in the round skin game. What are the six new rules?

These six new rules have actually been made since last December 2021. However, the new IFAB inaugurated it at the annual meeting held in Doha, Qatar recently.

Initially, the IFAB annual meeting was planned to be held virtually from Zurich, Switzerland last March. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine made this event postponed and finally held in Doha.

So, what are the new rules in football games that IFAB inaugurated? Here’s the full list.

5 Substitutions

The moment when Jesse Lingard came on to replace Paul Pogba who was injured in the Liverpool vs Man United match

The first rule is substitution. Initially, the number of substitutions a team could make in one game was three times.

However, the Covid pandemic made this rule modified to five substitutions on three occasions. Initially, this rule was only temporary. Now, the rule is officially permanent.

Therefore, starting the 2022/23 season, the English Premier League will also increase the number of their substitutions, after previously remaining three when other leagues had five times.

Toss Coins

In this new rule, the words used are ‘Referees toss coins’ to determine who will kick-off the match and which side will be occupied by both teams.

In the previous rule, the words simply read ‘toss coin required’, and without mentioning who did it.

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That is, now it can be ascertained that it is the referee aka the match referee who has the authority to do a coin toss in a match.

Red Card

The new rules add the words ‘or team official’ in terms of who can be shown a yellow card or a red card in the penalty shootout of a match.

This means that if there are team officials who are considered to be interfering with the smooth process of the penalty shootout, the referee can give them a penalty.

Goalkeeper discretion

Champions League Final Liverpool vs Real Madrid: Thibaut Courtois misses Mohamed Salah’s

Article 12 is now enhanced with the words ‘except a goalkeeper in their penalty area’.

This change is to ensure that a goalkeeper can hold the ball in his own team’s penalty area when denying an opponent’s golden opportunity without having to be awarded a foul.

Off the Field Player

The pitch invader in the Mallorca vs Barcelona match was secured by security officers

When a situation occurs where a player leaves the field to interfere with outsiders, such as players and officials on the bench or spectators.

If this situation occurs, then the referee will now continue the match from an indirect free kick from the last ball point. However, if the ball is not played at that time, the referee will start the game again from a kick-off, throw-in, free kick, goal kick or corner kick.

Penalty Kick

Penalty Shot Illustration

Under the new rules, a goalkeeper can stand with one foot behind the line when facing a penalty.

This rule allows goalkeepers to now move deeper and consequently, they have more momentum to anticipate the opponent’s penalty kick.

The previous rule stated that a goalkeeper had to put at least one foot on the goal line and one foot either on the line or in front of it.


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