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4 Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Can’t Bring Portugal National


4 Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Can’t Bring Portugal National Team to Victory in the 2018 World Cup

4 Cristiano Ronaldo Goals Can’t Bring Portugal National, Cristiano Ronaldo. He was only able to bring Portugal to second place in Group A under Serbia and had to play a play-off match. Total has appeared in 4 consecutive World Cup editions from 2006 to 2018 scoring 7 goals and 2 assists from 17 matches. (AFP/Patricia De Melo Moreira)

Cristiano Ronaldo is an important figure in the Portugal national team at the 2018 World Cup . Unfortunately, Ronaldo failed to bring A Selecao to success in the four-year football party.

Portugal appeared at the 2018 World Cup with the status of a 2014 European Cup champion. The Portuguese national team won the European Cup after beating France 1-0 in the final.

Armed with these results, the Portuguese public really hopes that their country will talk a lot at the 2018 World Cup.

Joined in Group B with Spain, Morocco, and Iran, Portugal ended the journey in the group phase by occupying the runner-up position. However, A Selecao’s steps had to stop in the hands of Uruguay with a score of 1-2 in the last 16.

In the tournament which was held in Russia, Cristiano Ronaldo , who was the captain of the Portugal national team, made several brilliant achievements and performances.

Hat-trick Against Spain

4 Cristiano Ronaldo. The 36-year-old Portugal national team striker who is now in his first season in his second period with Manchester United scored a hat trick for Portugal at the 2018 World Cup. In the match against Spain on the first matchday of Group B (15/6/2018) the match ended in a 3-3 draw. (AFP/Odd Andersen)

On the first matchday of Group B of the 2018 World Cup against the Spanish national team, the 37-year-old striker immediately caused an uproar. Ronaldo was indeed a star in this match.

Competing at the Fisht Stadium Olimpiysky, the player who has the nickname CR7 scored three goals. Meanwhile, this match was actually tight, because the action of chasing each other scored up to six goals.

Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s first goal came from a penalty kick after Spanish defender Nacho Fernandez violated it in the forbidden box.

Towards the end of the first half, the former Real Madrid and Juventus brought Portugal ahead again. Starting from a horizontal kick, 4 Cristiano Ronaldo’s second goal was created.

Then Spain took the lead again through a goal scored by Nacho. However, when it seemed like the match would end with Spain’s victory, Ronaldo made the difference.

Received a dead ball prize, the player who is now defending Manchester United scored a hat trick via a free kick and forced the match to end in a draw.

Scored One Goal Against Morocco

4 Cristiano Ronaldo’s single goal knocked Morocco out of the 2018 World Cup. Ronaldo scored his fourth goal at the 2018 World Cup, placing him on the temporary top scorer list for the tournament.

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Goals began when Ronaldo received a corner kick. With a header, CR7 scored against Morocco.

4 Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal completes the way he scored in this World Cup. In two matches at the 2018 World Cup, Ronaldo has scored goals with his right foot, left, penalties and head.

Then, two goals from the right foot came during the match against Spain, through free kicks and penalties. One more goal from the left foot when De Gea scored a blunder.

Matching Bastian Schweinsteiger . Achievements

4 Cristiano Ronaldo has appeared in four World Cups, four European Cups and one Confederations Cup. Thanks to his appearances in these events, Ronaldo equaled the achievements of the legend of the German national team, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The legendary Der Panzer midfielder has the highest number of appearances at the World Cup and European Cup combined. They both appeared in 38 matches.

Since his debut in 2003, 4 Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 117 goals and is Portugal’s all-time top scorer.

2018 World Cup Group H standings and schedule

Carousel http://4 Cristiano Ronaldo

Match Schedule and Results

24 November 2022: Uruguay Vs South Korea

24 November 2022 : Portugal Vs Ghana

November 28, 2022: South Korea Vs Ghana

28 November 2022 : Portugal Vs Uruguay

2 December 2022: Ghana Vs Uruguay

December 2, 2022: South Korea Vs Portugal

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