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30 Thousand Tickets for the 2022 AFF U-16


30 Thousand Tickets for the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup Final Sold Out, Vietnam Dizzy Unbelievably

30 Thousand Tickets for the 2022 AFF U-16, Ahead of the final match of the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup ,

thirty thousand tickets were sold out to watch the U-16 Indonesian national team against Vietnam.

It is known that the rivalry between the Indonesian and Vietnamese national teams is the most awaited match by Indonesian supporters.

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Apart from the competition with Malaysia and Thailand, Vietnam itself is a mortal enemy for the Indonesian national team.

Not to mention the rumors about ‘elephant football’ involving Vietnam and Thailand, making Garuda Asia squad supporters want to witness their defeat.

Then, in this match in the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup, the Bima Sakti squad seemed to have the burden to resolve their previous defeat in the U-19 team.

Therefore, the people of Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, will surround the Maguwoharjo Stadium, to see their proud team win.

This, of course, made Vietnam nervous. Because, they think that Indonesia has extraordinary supporters.

With the burden of playing at the Indonesian headquarters, including the issue of ‘elephant football’, Vietnam actually felt that they were at a disadvantage.

The Indonesian U-16 national team itself actually managed to explore the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup match by winning full points and becoming the group winner.

Responding to the slick performance of the Bima Sakti squad, it is reported that the tickets for the AFF U-16 2022 Cup with a total of thirty thousand have been sold out.

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30,000 Tickets Sold Out

Surprisingly, the audience for the final match of the Indonesia U-16 national team against Vietnam in the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup jumped sharply.

As previously noted, in the early days of the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup, the Maguwoharjo Stadium looked deserted.

This happened because the people of Yogyakarta considered the ticket price to watch the U-16 Indonesian national team too expensive.

Therefore, over time, the organizers of the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup, plan to lower ticket prices.

Evidently, after the ticket prices were lowered, the people of Yogyakarta and Indonesia began to fill the Maguwoharjo Stadium.

Interestingly, in the final match against Vietnam, the tickets that had been provided were sold out.

At least thirty thousand tickets to watch the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup final have been sold out.

With the extraordinary enthusiasm of the Indonesian U-16 National Team supporters, the Bima Sakti squad believes that their players will play all out.

Meanwhile, Vietnam had to play under the pressure of thirty thousand supporters of the U-16 Indonesian National Team.

Supporters of the Garuda Muda squad hope that in the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup final match, Nabil Asyura, et al. able to play well and pack the championship title.

The Indonesian national team will play the 2022 AFF U-16 Cup final against Vietnam at the Maguwoharjo Stadium, Yogyakarta, Friday (12/08/22) and Bima just wants to go home with a trophy.

The final was not only for the sake of prestige at the Southeast Asian level, but the prize for the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia was also at stake.

However, that does not mean that Bima underestimated Vietnam, which the Indonesian national team had defeated in the group phase.

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