1998 World Cup Final and Ronaldo’s Mysterious Illness


1998 World Cup Final and Ronaldo’s Mysterious Illness

Ronaldo at the 1998 World Cup

Brazil is very favored to win the 1998 World Cup in France. However, Ronaldo who became an important player at this time suffered a mysterious injury and Brazil finally failed to win.

The 1998 World Cup was held in France. The hosts advanced to the final and the opponent they faced was Brazil. The final was played at the Stade de France. It was an ideal final because of the performance of both teams.

The two teams that will compete in the final round have two players who at that time became world stars. The genius footballer Zinedine Zidane in France and the world’s best player Ronaldi in Brazil.

Ronaldo even came to France armed with 34 goals with Serie A club, Inter Milan. In this 1998 World Cup he also scored four goals until the final including a goal against the Netherlands in the semifinal match.

The superstar revealed what happened before the 1998 World Cup final. This he revealed in the film Ronaldo Redemption, directed by Four Four Two.

Ronaldo has convulsions

Ronaldo said after having lunch with the whole team at the hotel he decided to take a nap. While in the room, Ronaldo had a seizure and foamed at the mouth.

Roberto Carlos, who was his roommate, saw this and shouted for help. The Brazilian team doctor at that time, Dr. Lidio Toledo, who was crying took Ronaldo to the hospital.

“I had a seizure and the players and the late Dr Lidio Toledo were there. They didn’t want to tell me what was going on,” Ronaldo said.

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Keep playing in the Finals

Ronaldo, Brazil

Brazil coach at the time, Mario Zagallo, had received Ronaldo’s medical test results. Many think that Ronaldo will not play in the final match.

Ronaldo was not seen in the Brazilian camp and his name disappeared ahead of the final match. But Ronaldo asked Zagallo to play him.

“After all, I have an obligation to my country and I don’t want to miss it. I am there to fulfill my responsibility,” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo Unsteady, Brazil Falls


In this final match, Ronaldo seemed unable to move. In fact, he had collapsed when French goalkeeper Rafael Bartez lunged at him.

Brazil eventually lost 0-3 to the hosts. Three of France’s goals were scored by Zidane’s two goals and one from Emmanuel Petit.

But after that, a number of conspiracy theories emerged regarding what happened to Ronaldo. This conspiracy theory is still developing today.

FIFA conspiracy?

The biggest conspiracy theory is that Brazil sold the World Cup to FIFA for a fee of 23 million dollars. This is based on an e-mail written from a source on TV Globo.

Defeat Brazil and let France win to please the new FIFA President Sepp Blatter. In addition to helping the French people forget their social problems.

FIFA then promised Brazil that they would win the 2002 World Cup and host the 2006 World Cup. However, a number of these conspiracy theories have not been proven to date.


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