The 110th Berlin Six-Day Race 2022 Has Been Released A Second Postponement


The 110th edition of the world’s most traditional six-day race had to be postponed again. This was quoted at After a pandemic storm made the Six-Day Race event impossible in February 2022.

Announcement Of The Second Postponed 110th Berlin Six-Day Race

Postponing it into the summer amid the pandemic proved to be a viable option. With organizers now

The postponement of this six-day race event into the summer amid the pandemic proved to be a viable option. With organizers now having to push the date back due to ongoing planning uncertainty.

However, for the second time this event had to be postponed again. This is due to the ongoing upheaval between Russia and Ukraine. Therefore, the organizers had to postpone the six-day race event until January 2023.

Excerpt Valts Miltovics and Robert Förstemann statement on the postponement of the Six-Day Race

Valts Miltovics

Valts Miltovics, managing director of the Berlin Six-Day event, said:

Apart from the effects of the corona that are still evident, terrible pictures from Ukraine have been reaching us for almost ten weeks. The general economic impact of the pandemic and the unforeseen end of the war also. Greatly changed our frame conditions and had a major impact on planning security. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to postpone it again. As a new date, we have Scheduled 27 – 29 January 2023.

source: CNN – Robert Förstemann

Robert Förstemann, sprinter also local Berlin hero said:

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If we can’t drive in July, we’ll look forward to January even more. I think it’s great to try and make the six-day race in Berlin possible despite all the difficulties.

The support from our partners and the solidarity of the drivers has been tremendous. We are now fully working on our plans for January 2023,” said Valts Miltovics. The postponement also affected the youth competition.

The Six-Day Race Event At The Velodrom Has Had To Be Postponed Again

On six nights in a row, different combinations of two athletes compete. The races vary in speed and endurance, including a pacemaker race, sprint, and derby.

Originally, this competition consisted of many teams competing on six consecutive nights, each team consisting of two racers.

Different countries best runners compete against new runners at all of these competitions. Between races, a DJ performs on stage as part of the entertainment.

Tickets purchased are still valid during the 6-day tour of Berlin in January 2023. Otherwise, they will be refunded.

For each non-refundable ticket, 6 Days Berlin will donate 10 euros to the Ukrainian library.


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