10 Years Since Marc Marquez Debuted in MotoGP, Will Win the 9th Title?


MotoGP 2023 is a decade anniversary since Marc Marquez made his debut in the premier class Grand Prix. During his career in this class, he has collected so many prestigious titles, wins, podiums, and even records. While competing in MotoGP , Marquez has collected 6 world titles, as well as 100 podiums, of which 59 were wins. He also collected 63 poles, accompanied by 59 fastest laps.

However, Marquez’s career was not always smooth. He is known as a very aggressive racer and often experiences great accidents. As a result, he also often suffered serious injuries. Welcoming the 2023 season, Marquez is in a fitter physical condition. He is predicted to return to top-flight competition. So, commemorating a decade since Marquez’s debut in MotoGP , quoted from , here is his career journey.

Early Career with KTM and Derby

Marc Marquez made his Grand Prix debut in 2008, namely with Repsol KTM in the GP125 class. He also won his first podium after finishing third at Donington Park, England. In the following season, he was more experienced, but still only achieved one podium.In 2010, he finally moved to Red Bull Ajo Motorsport, which at that time was still collaborating with Derbi. Marquez went crazy, won 12 podiums, including 10 wins. He even ended the season as world champion, which allowed him the opportunity to move up to Moto2 in 2011.

Rivalry with Stefan Bradl in Moto2

Marquez also immediately kicked off in Moto2. He fought for the world title with Stefan Bradl and Andrea Iannone. He collected 11 podiums, including 7 wins. Unfortunately, he had to miss the last two series due to a diplopia injury, aka double vision. He had to be relieved to be runner up, while the title went to Bradl. Failure to become a world champion made Marquez discourage going up to MotoGP in 2012. He stayed with CatalunyaCaixa Repsol for another year in Moto2. He eventually became world champion after winning 14 podiums and 7 wins. This result solidified his intention to move up to MotoGP in 2013.

Historic Debut in MotoGP

Marquez made his MotoGP debut in 2013 by finishing third and on the podium in Qatar. In the second series, namely in Austin, he kicked off with a win. He also became the youngest race winner in MotoGP history at the age of 20 years and 63 days, breaking the record held by Freddie Spencer for 30 years. Throughout the season, Marquez fought fiercely with Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa for the title. He finally locked the championship crown in the last series, becoming the youngest MotoGP world champion in history at the age of 20 years 266 days, also breaking the 30 year record held by Spencer.

Additional World Titles and Prolonged Injuries

Marquez’s achievements continue to grow brilliantly even though he has to face big names as his fierce rivals. Apart from Pedrosa and Lorenzo, he also often duels with Valentino Rossi and Andrea Dovizioso. He also won the MotoGP world title in 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, in mid-2020, Marquez had a terrible accident at Jerez, Spain, which broke his right humerus. He also had to miss the whole season. He returned to competing in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, but it was difficult to remain competitive because his arm never recovered despite repeated operations.

Will MotoGP 2023 be a Moment of Awakening?

Marc Marquez, Valencia MotoGP test 08 November 2022

After undergoing the fourth operation in early June 2022, the condition of Marquez’s arm continued to improve. He even admitted that his training routine during the 2023 pre-season was running normally like before suffering from the arm injury.

Even so, Marquez is being confused about other things, namely the performance of the RC213V motorbike which has fallen over the last three seasons. He kept complaining about the bike during pre-season tests. However, his rivals chose to remain vigilant, because Marquez is known to be able to appear competitive on imperfect motorbikes.

He is even the favorite to become world champion in 2023. That way, his chances of winning a ninth world title are also open again. So, will the 2023 season be Marc Marquez’s moment of awakening after a prolonged arm injury?

Ahead of the Portugal MotoGP Opening Series, Marc Marquez Secrets His Real Strength?

Repsol Honda racer Marc Marquez was not too impressive during the 2023 MotoGP pre-season test at the Portimao Circuit, Portugal some time ago. In the overall results of the Portimao MotoGP test, Marc Marquez was knocked out of the top ten positions and was even below his teammate, Joan Mir.

However, after this test it was revealed that Marc Marquez had deliberately not done a time attack on the Honda RC213V motorbike. This means that there is an effort for the six-time MotoGP world champion to keep his strength a secret. This is also indicated by the racer’s comments ahead of the Portugal MotoGP race.

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Different Races and Tests

The words of Marc Marquez , who referred to different races and tests, were allegedly an indication that the racer kept his strength a secret. “Now we have to start and focus on the opening race. Remember, races and tests are very different,” said Marc Marquez. “The start of the new season is in sight, and you are always excited about this opportunity. How does it feel to be back racing,” he continued.

Sprint Races

Furthermore, Marc Marquez also said that in MotoGP 2023 all racers will receive new challenges. Because it will perform at the Sprint Races session. “This year we have a new challenge which is the Sprint Races on Saturday. A short and intense race which I am sure will bring a lot of joy to the fans,” said Marc Marquez. “I’m really looking forward to getting back on the Honda RC213V for my 11th season with the Repsol Honda Team,” he added. The Honda squad is actually very luxurious in MotoGP 2023. Because two racers who have been competitive with Suzuki: Alex Rins and Joan Mir will ride the RC213V.

Remembering the Moment Marc Marquez and Casey Stoner Almost Duet at Repsol Honda

MotoGP 2023 is a decade anniversary of Marc Marquez making his debut in the class of kings. However, did you know that in 2013, he almost partnered Casey Stoner? Former Repsol Honda Team Principal, Livio Suppo, was one of the initiators of the idea. Unfortunately, all canceled because Stoner retired.

During his career in MotoGP , Stoner won two world titles under the leadership of Suppo, who also happened to serve as Manager of the Ducati Team in 2007. When Stoner defended Repsol Honda, Marquez was still in Moto2 and was predicted to be his partner in 2013.

Livio Suppo’s story

However, Stoner decided to retire early at the age of 27 at the end of 2012. As a result, instead of replacing Dani Pedrosa, Marquez actually replaced Stoner in MotoGP 2013. Marquez also succeeded in becoming a good successor, because he immediately became world champion with rookie status, and even won five additional titles.

“Our plan is to form a team with Casey and Marc. Marc is very strong, but also benefits from injuries to Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa,” said Suppo via MOW Mag, Friday (17/3/2023). “Marc is still one of those riders who is born once a hundred years. However, it will be difficult for him to do what Casey did in 2011. When he wins 10 times in a row, because Casey is Casey,” he continued.

Marc Marquez Ceria, Closed Casey Stoner

Having worked with Stoner and Marquez, Suppo believes their level of talent is very similar, even calling the two of them ‘monsters’. However, in terms of character, the two are called Suppo, 180 degrees different. According to him, Marquez faces life with a smile and tends to do everything for fun.

“Marc is not like Casey, who is more introverted and has difficulty carrying out race support activities, such as traveling, interviews and public relations. These things weigh heavily on Casey. This is actually a big advantage for Marc, and the same for Valentino Rossi. Vale’s approach makes him have very long career,” he said. Then, what if Stoner and Marquez really partnered at Repsol Honda? Suppo also believes that MotoGP fans will be spoiled by their fierce duels and rivalries. However, he admits that it is difficult to guess how many world titles the two riders could have won if they had clashed on the track.

Revealed! Details of Marc Marquez’s Entry in MotoGP: From a Sponsor Bigger than Salary in the Team, Participating in Racing Pockets IDR 9.3 Billion

Spanish media Cuatro detailed the income of six-time MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez . Not only salary, details of bonuses to payments from sponsors are also revealed. According to this source, Marc Marquez gets paid 12.5 million euros or IDR 197 billion per season from Repsol Honda. Now he is under contract until 2024.

This means, at least just from salary alone, Marc Marquez collects 25 million euros until next season. Interestingly, the amount of salary from Honda that Marc Marquez receives is actually lower than the payment from the sponsor sector. Now Alex Marquez’s brother is under a sponsorship contract with Red Bull, Estrella Galicia, Alianz and Tissot. The total value reaches 40 million euros!


Not only that, Cuatro also revealed that Marc Marquez has a clause in the contract in the form of a bonus. This bonus relates to appearance in a race. Per race, he gets 570,450 euros or around IDR 9.3 billion Then if the 30-year-old racer becomes world champion, then he gets paid 1.4 million euros. In total, in one year, Marc Marquez’s income can reach 90 million euros.

Salary Details

  • Salary from Repsol Honda: 12.5 million
  • Total from Sponsors (Red Bull, Estrella Galicia, Alianz and Tissot): 40 million
  • Bonus If World Champion: 1.4 million
  • Bonus per Race: 570,450

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